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Full Time RV Expenses To Know Before Changing Your Life


The full-time RV lifestyle can be a dream come true: the
open road, a life full of adventures, and plenty of flexibility to live life on
your terms. But like anything else, it will also have a few of its own
drawbacks—including full-time RV expenses you need to consider. Are these
expenses enough to convince you not to take an RV?

In many cases, an RV’s expenses are simpler and smaller than
an ordinary house. Either way, you’ll have to know them if you want to
adequately prepare yourself before radically changing your lifestyle. Here’s
what you’ll need to take into consideration.

Life With A Full-Time

A blog called We’re
the Russos
is very upfront about the realities—and benefits—of living in an
RV full-time. The Russos explain what it’s like to live in an RV from a
lifestyle perspective. They also dive deep into the nitty-gritty of the
realities of maintaining an RV. Here are some of the chief expenses they have
to deal with when it comes to the RV itself:

  • RV payments
  • RV insurance
  • Tow car insurance / auto policy
  • Vehicle registration
  • Mail forwarding service
  • RV parks and campgrounds fees
  • Oil changes and supplies

That’s not all. In addition to the costs of maintaining and
owning an RV, they have their usual lifestyle costs to consider as well,

  • Food
  • Gasoline
  • Animal care
  • Cell phone plans
  • Medical insurance

Overall, the Russos calculate that their costs for RV living
total less than $3,000 per month—a figure that’s much lower than many couples
who live in an ordinary home. Of course, depending on your lifestyle, your expenses
may vary.

Comparing An RV To Home

In some cases, there will be little difference between a
lifestyle lived at a fixed home vs. life in an RV. For example, it’s possible
to pay a relatively similar amount in food costs every month. And while some
prices will go up—such as the use of gasoline—when using an RV, others will go
down. Taking away the entire cost of rent or a mortgage, the RV payments
themselves can actually be quite low.

Will Your Costs Go

Medical insurance, gasoline, and RV maintenance are all
primary worries for those considering a full-time RV lifestyle. But it’s also
important to consider the costs that are lost
as a result of making a switch—such as property taxes and mortgage insurance.
Overall, it’s possible to move to an RV-central lifestyle and pay far less than
you currently pay. But that doesn’t mean an RV experience will be without its
own costs.

On the whole, it’s possible to make the transition to an RV
lifestyle without increasing your costs. In fact, many people do it out of the
desire for a simpler and more carefree way of living. But don’t imagine that an
RV will cost immeasurably less than a home—in many cases, the costs are
relatively similar.

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