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Full Time RV Living Tips

When making the transition to full time RV living, many people fear that they’ll have to give up some aspect of their lifestyle. But as many RVers can attest, this isn’t necessarily the case. If you do it right, you’ll enjoy as relaxing and convenient a life as ever. Here are some vital tips for living in your RV full time.

Invest in Multi-Taskers

Space is a top priority now, so everything you own should either have a vital function, or multiple non-vital functions. In other words, don’t buy meat-carving forks when ordinary forks will do. But let’s think about these multi-taskers for a moment. What are some of the best investments?

  • A magnetic strip. Keep a magnetic strip in your kitchen. You can attach spice tins and a variety of other kitchen-handy items. The best part: you can store these items along a wall that otherwise would go unused, saving you space elsewhere.
  • Kitchen supplies. Aluminum foil has a million uses around the kitchen. So do baking sheets and kitchen shears. Buy the right items the first time and you’ll have a multi-use kitchen that feels like any other home.
  • Bring your own grid. A solar charger—whether you invest big in solar panels or simply buy your own mini solar device charger—will reduce your dependence on the grid and keep your RV functioning. Better yet, these chargers can fit with multiple devices so you don’t have to rely on multiple chargers. For Internet, a mobile WiFi hotspot is essential, especially if you can work on the road.

Stay Comfortable

Just because you have less space than you would in a large house doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice comfort. Investing in comfortable sheets, memory foam, or even springing for RV satellite TV means you can have all the comforts of home. Some RV owners even use bedsheets to serve as projection screens when they’re watching movies—just install some 3M hooks and you’re ready
to go.

”Comfort” means different things to different people. So focus on the comforts that make you the happiest and find the ways to bring them with you on the road.

Clean As You Go

When living in your RV full time, it can quickly become a frustrating space to deal with if you don’t clean regularly. But cleaning regularly doesn’t have to mean spending inordinate amounts of time freshening up the RV, either.

A quart of Suds is a great investment, especially if you use your own spray bottle for quick application. This will keep most of your RV surfaces clean and clear of debris. Just a quick wipe every so often can mean the difference between mold building up and clean, luxurious surfaces that you’ll enjoy every day.

Browse the rest of our RV cleaning and maintenance products to find the most convenient and long-lasting ways to maintain your RV. Get your regular cleaning routine down to a science, and you’re sure to enjoy full-time living in your RV for years to come.

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