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Full Time RV Retirement Living

Imagine one day in the ideal retirement. You wake up, pull
away the curtains, and look out at a sunny, gorgeous view. The only decision
you have to make all day long is which adventure to have. This is the idyllic
vision many of us have for our retirement—but how many of us actually achieve
the level of freedom described above? With full-time RV retirement living, the
post-career life can be a
choose-your-own-adventure of wonderful views and new experiences. If this is
something you’re considering, here are a few important things to keep in mind.

Why Consider Full-Time RV Retirement Living?

As The Balance puts
it, it’s a simple equation: RV lifestyles and endless choices = no boredom.

Although for many, the “American dream” is living in a house
and owning it outright, RV retirement living completely turns that on its head
in a number of positive ways. Retirees can seek out better climates in the
winter, visit countless destinations on their “bucket list,” and catch up with
old friends halfway across the country. Doing it all via RV can be far less
expensive than constant travel from a home base.

RV living means having more options. You can choose to visit
California wine country or take a trip to the coast. You can visit national
parks or historical sites all across the country. With the right planning, you
can even change your mind halfway to a destination and go someplace else. Retirement
offers plenty of free time—and with an RV in tow, it also means you’re free to
nearly anywhere you please.

How To Transition To
Full-Time RV Living

If you already have an RV, most of the work is already done.
But we also have a few tips for making full-time living in an RV as comfortable
as possible:

  • Keep
    everything you need for cleaning and maintenance handy.
    Your RV might be in
    great shape now, but there’s no guarantee of what will happen tomorrow. That’s
    why it’s a good idea to build a basic RV cleaning and maintenance kit. We
    recommend browsing through our
    RV cleaners
    and RV sealing
    to make sure you have everything you need.
  • Start
    Consider tackling a weekend trip before selling the house and living
    in an RV full-time. Or you could take the RV on vacation and see how you like
    life on the road. Keep a notebook handy so you can jot down any notes or
    corrections you might need to make for the next trip.
  • Plan,
    plan, plan
    . Although some people may find that their transition into an RV
    is natural, make sure that you know what your goals are before you make any
    sudden decisions. This can help you make the most out of your RV purchase—as
    well as your retirement lifestyle.

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