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Give Your RV a Polished Look

If you’re a true enthusiast, you spend a lot of time in your
RV. And like anyone who spends a lot of time in your RV, you know that its
appearance isn’t just about how your RV looks—it’s also about how your RV makes
you feel. While you do your best to
use the best RV cleaning products around and keep a neat space, you know that there’s much more to
how your RV looks than a simple case of tidying up.

There’s also the matter of the RV materials themselves.

Your RV isn’t going to look its best unless you have
everything you need on hand to polish up your RV and give it a “brand-new” look
no matter how old it is. Fortunately, we have just the products for you.

PolyShine® Premium Fiberglass & Composite Polish Pint

Fiberglass is like the “skin” of your RV: if the fiberglass
doesn’t look good, the RV doesn’t look good.

That’s where PolyShine® comes in. By serving as something of
a fiberglass “glaze,” it comprehensively covers the fiberglass to help restore
a new appearance. And with UV inhibitors contained inside, it will help your
fiberglass stay that way and prevent
yellowing from the sun.

Of course, simply having the right ingredient is no
guarantee of success: you have to know how to use it. Here’s a quick
step-by-step guide:

  • Make sure you use a clean and dry surface
  • Apply the polish in circles, doing your best to
    create an even coating. Many people generally use a soft cloth, but you can buy
    specific polish appliers at your local hardware store if you want something a
    little more advanced
  • “Buff” the polish. Since you’re working with a
    large surface area in an RV, it’ll be wise to invest in a powered
    buffer/polisher. You can rent these, but make sure that you know not to
    over-buff or under-buff the area, as you can burn through the polish coating
    you’re trying to create. Do your best to create an even polish over the surface
    of your fiberglass

Stainless Steel Cleaner Pint

If stainless steel doesn’t look stainless, then your RV
isn’t going to look its best. You’d be surprised at just how much you can
improve the look of an RV if all of your metal looks shiny and spot-free. But
you do need the right equipment to keep it that way, despite the “stainless”
reputation this metal has.

Acquire a dual cleaner-protectant like Stainless Steel
Cleaner pint and keep a soft towel handy for an easy apply, wipe-off process.
There won’t be the heavy lifting involved with fiberglass polishing, so you
don’t need to rent any additional equipment; think of it a bit like cleaning a
sink or a kitchen counter. It’s that easy—but only if you use a dedicated
stainless steel cleaner designed to protect the metal even after application.

If you can master your fiberglass and stainless steel,
you’ll do a lot to restore the polished, brand-new look of an RV. But if you
want the process to be as easy as tidying up is, you’re going to have to use
the right tools. 

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