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Homemade RV Cleaners: 3 Reasons to Avoid

campfire1.jpgThe DIY craze is in full swing, and that’s great for RV
owners and homeowners alike. More and more, people are taking it upon
themselves to repair, seal, and clean their own RVs. That means better
maintenance, longer-lasting RVs, and more time spent enjoying your recreational

But there’s one area to exercise caution when doing it
yourself: creating homemade cleaners and solutions yourself. Why? Isn’t
“homemade” synonymous with quality craftsmanship? As you’re about to see, the truth
isn’t so simple.

Quality RV Cleaners
Are More than Soap

Explore our RV
section, and you’ll see a lot of different products. You’ll see Suds, yes, but you’ll also see
a range of cleaners and applications that are extremely difficult to make at
home, if not outright impossible. That’s because RV cleaners require more than
mere soap in order to be effective.

Take, for example, Fiberglass
Rubbing Compound
. This compound removes oxidation and stains, features a
light grit, and prepares the surface of your fiberglass for waxing. Homemade
soap might be good at removing debris, but when it comes to the other tasks
required of fiberglass cleaning, it comes up short.

It’s true that in general, home crafting items like soap
will allow you to determine exactly what goes into your cleaning products. But
when it comes to specialty products that require complex formulas and
chemicals, you’re better off leaving the manufacturing to the professionals.

You Need to Find
Formulas that Won’t Harm Your RV

There are two big challenges that frequent RV cleaners like
yourself run into when they take care of their RV:

  • Solvents.
    These can be potentially harmful to surfaces around your RV if you’re not
  • Abrasives.
    When applying an inappropriate abrasive to an RV surface, you risk doing damage
    rather than cleaning the surface itself.

VinyLIFE™ is both solvent-free and abrasive-free. When
cleaning and protecting vinyl, this is important: it helps prevent long-term
damage to vinyl, which is the entire point of taking the time to treat your
vinyl in the first place.

There are more specific formulas across the range of RV
cleaning products that are impossible to recreate from simple home
craftsmanship. Using Release®
Adhesive & Sealant Remover
, for example, can make quick work of an
adhesive on your RV that ordinary soap and water simply wouldn’t be able to

Handling RV Cleaning
with Superior Products

The good news? We’ve taken care of all of the product
creation for you, leaving you to “Do-it-yourself” at your leisure. The quality
RV cleaning and sealant products you see here are specially made for specific
tasks. When using these products, you’ll make your life easier while giving
your RV the maintenance and cleaning it really deserves.

These products are made with attention and care for the RV itself:
avoiding solvents and abrasives when they could do damage, ensuring that you
have environmentally safe products for your general cleaner, or simply giving
you the specific solution to match a specific problem. Click through all of our
available RV products to find
where we go beyond cleaning to help you become an RV owner who is capable of doing it all themselves. You
do the cleaning, and we’ll supply the RV cleaning products that will make your
life easier.

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