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How To Clean An RV Ceiling


When you clean, it’s easy to forget one thing: what’s going
on above you. To make things easy, we’ve put together some great tips on how to
clean an RV ceiling.

Step One: Prep The
Ceiling & Surrounding Area

It’s tempting to think of the ceiling as a broad, flat,
empty space—because it is. But when you clean something, you’re also going to
affect the surrounding area. In this case, gravity is working against you.
That’s why you’re going to have to adequately prepare with a few key steps:

  • Clear out
    any delicate items you don’t want in the way.
    If you’re going to clean your
    ceiling, you’re going to need as much space as you can get. You’ll likely have
    to wriggle around corners and find leverage in some strange spots. That’s
    okay—as long as you clear out the area beforehand to make life easier. This
    will help you accomplish the entire process smoothly and without unnecessary
  • Clear the
    ceiling of any debris.
    Before you get to cleaning, you’re going to want to
    get rid of anything that might get in the way of your cleaning products—think
    spider webs heavy with things like leaves or dust. These can get in the way of
    your cleaning products and force you to stop in order to clean those. That’s not what you want.
    Instead, clear the ceiling of debris beforehand so you’ll be free to move along
    with ease.
  • Procure
    the right products.
    If you’re working with an RV ceiling, you’re going to
    have to know which materials you’re cleaning. You can use long-handled cleaners
    to get the strange and awkward areas of your RV with minimal effort. And don’t
    forget to hop on over to our RV cleaning products section
    to browse through some great additions to your RV cleaning kit.

Step Two: Clean The

Armed with a bucket of cleaning solution, some gloves,
safety goggles, and a long-handled cleaning tool, you’re ready to go. Here are
a few things to keep in mind.

  • Be
    careful with your use of water.
    Typically, a good cleaning means you can
    use all the water you want. When you’re cleaning a ceiling, however, gravity is
    working against you. All that water you use is going to end up on you or the
    floor of your RV. That’s not ideal. It’s better to work with a little bit of
    water and the right amount of cleaning product. If you need more on your
    ceiling, you can always add more as the ceiling demands. Don’t be over-generous
    with the water.
  • Employ
    specialized RV cleaning products.
    Suds is our general RV
    cleaner, but you can also add products like Mildew Remover
    to ensure you do a thorough job of cleaning your RV ceiling.

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