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How To Clean RV Siding


Your RV doesn’t look good unless its siding looks good.
That’s one fundamental fact of RV ownership that you can’t avoid. The good news
is, you don’t have to work very hard to keep your siding clean. If you use the
right products, strategies, and tools, you can make quick work of your siding
and have your RV looking its best. Here’s how to clean RV siding the right way.

Before You Start

Adequate preparation is important if you want the cleaning
to go as quickly and painlessly as possible. These steps will set you up for a
thorough and efficient cleaning process:

  • Remove decorations
    and debris from your siding
    . That includes any electronic equipment that
    you don’t want to damage with soap and water. Try to remove as many items as
    you can, but especially remove the large items so you can clean more
  • Consider
    a pre-wash rinse
    . This can help to remove some of the debris so you don’t
    have to scrub as hard.
  • Stock up
    on the right equipment
    . One of the most important elements is to acquire a
    cleaning product such as RV Suds. This is a
    biodegradable formula that you can use with confidence. Because it’s also
    graded for painted surfaces, you won’t have to worry about washing off paint as
    you otherwise might.
  • Don’t
    forget cleaning equipment
    . The wider a brush you have, for example, the
    more area you can cover with each swipe. Remember that an RV is much larger
    than you might imagine before you clean, and it can tire you out quickly. Use
    the tools that will make cleaning more comfortable.

With everything in line, you’re ready to get started.

Tips for Cleaning
Your RV Siding

If you want to clean your RV siding as efficiently as
possible, keep these tips in mind:

  • Work from
    the top-down
    . Gravity is your friend here. As you wash from the top down,
    you’ll use gravity to naturally clear the debris and dirt from the side of the
    RV. Any dirt that you move downward will then be cleaned away as you move in
    that direction.
  • Keep an
    eye on the weather
    . If you’re working outdoors, the weather can play tricks
    on your cleaning in a hurry. Rain can bring dirt with it, especially if it
    falls through a tree. Try to avoid this after a cleaning so you get the most
    impact for your cleaning session.
  • Use
    proper equipment when you can
    . A spray-washer, for example, can give you a
    major leg up and decrease the strain on your arms and hands as you work. You
    can rent these from your local equipment rental outlets for relatively little
    expense. You might also consider bundling your RV cleaning with other tasks
    around the home.

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