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How To Clean An RV Toilet

It’s not everyone’s idea of a relaxing afternoon, but it
needs to be done. You need to clean your RV toilet. Fortunately, if you do it
the right way, you won’t have to spend all afternoon taking care of it. Here
are a few tips on how to clean an RV toilet and how to maintain that
cleanliness for the long haul.

Understanding RV Toilets

RV toilets typically don’t function the way normal toilets
do. Because water use is limited, toilets in RVs allow you to partially fill
the bowl with water and then flush. Generally, you’ll want to avoid the
wasteful use of water while you’re using it. But when cleaning it, feel free to
use a generous amount of water—just make sure that you check your tank first.
Water will take on the role of flushing out waste and bringing your toilet bowl
back to its original (clean) appearance.

Cleaning Your Toilet

Cleaning an RV toilet can be much like cleaning any other
toilet. Here are some best practices you’ll want to keep in mind:

  • Wear
    You never know what debris and bacteria you’ll expose yourself to
    throughout the toilet cleaning process. To be on the safe side, wear a clean
    pair of disposable gloves so you can clean confidently.
  • Use a
    dedicated toilet brush.
    Although RV living doesn’t always lend itself to
    single-task tools, its best to keep a dedicated toilet brush handy for this
    specific purpose.
  • Use the
    time to catch up on your tank.
    Is your tank almost full? How is the sensor
    reading? You’ve already set aside the time to clean the toilet, so it wouldn’t
    hurt to do a quick inspection of the complete waste water system.
  • Give the
    cleaning products time to work.
    Cleaning under the bowl can mean applying a
    cleaning product and wiping it away. But give the time for the product to work
    as designed. You can start with a quick rinse and then an application of the
    cleaning product, allowing it to slide down the bowl while you check your tank.

Best Habits To Keep
Your Toilet Clean

Keeping your toilet clean isn’t just a good habit; it’s
absolutely necessary if you want guests to feel welcome. There are a few things
you can do to ensure your RV toilet remains clean:

  • Address a
    waste issue right away.
    RV toilets can be low-power, which means they don’t
    get all the waste every time. Don’t let it linger. It will just get harder to
  • Use
    RV-compatible toilet paper.
    Think of your toilet as an entry point in an
    entire system that you need to maintain. To ensure the health of that system,
    use a toilet paper that’s RV-compatible and won’t clog your systems.

Of course, you don’t just want your toilet bowl to be clean!
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