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How To Heat An RV Without Propane


There are few things as alarming to an RV owner as the
prospect of being stuck without heat. But not every situation in which you run
out of propane has to be an emergency. With the right knowledge and adequate
preparation, you can heat your RV and still enjoy it on cool nights. Here’s how
to heat an RV without propane.

Alternative Heating

The first step is to ensure that you have other heating
options when you’re out of propane. One of the most frequently-recommended
options is a ceramic space heater. Space heaters have some concerns in confined
spaces for obvious reasons. The ceramic space heaters tend to be better than
older designs, giving you safe levels of heat within a relatively short amount
of time.

If you do decide to go with a space heater, make sure that
it fits your RV’s specifications. A heater that’s too small can feel like a
struggle, while a heater designed for more space than you have available can be

If you don’t want to go the heater route, you might also
want to consider using electric blankets. These blankets can also be a great
“third option” for cold nights when you only need to keep yourself warm. Anyone
who’s used electric blankets in the past knows how much of a lifesaver they can
be on days when ordinary insulation just doesn’t seem to cut it.

Insulating for
Maximum Heat Efficiency

When you don’t have propane, one thing you don’t want to do
is lose the heat already in your RV. A combination of ambient heat and body
heat will likely keep your RV warm for much longer than you might imagine,
especially if conditions outside aren’t too harsh and you have enough

But what kind of insulation is safe for RV use? Here’s what
you’ll want to focus on:

  • Seal out
    any places you might lose air.
    One of the most important places: the door.
    Installing a weather guard on your door will help lock in your air. It might
    not seem like it’s very important, but keep in mind that one of the most
    powerful ways to lose heat is for air to literally carry it outdoors.
  • Seal up
    any leaks.
    Letting water in is bad—but so is letting warm out or cold air
    in. Seal up any leaks in your fiberglass siding, roof, or windows with RV sealants
    like the ones you can find here at RV by LIFE.
  • Maintain
    some emergency provisions.
    Blankets, for example, can go a long way to help
    insulate yourself from the environment. You might even consider adding space
    blankets to your emergency provisions. If you’re ever caught without propane,
    you can get by with space blankets and standard blankets for a surprising
    amount of time. Keep in mind that wool blankets are especially effective, as
    they retain their insulating properties even when wet.

The better you take care of your RV and the more you prepare
for low heat situations, the more confident you’ll be on any given trip.
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