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How To Organize Your RV For Max Efficiency


Your RV isn’t just a great way to get from Point A to Point
B. It’s also a living space. It’s where you camp, where you live, and where you
wake up in the mornings to enjoy as much freedom as possible. Unless, of
course, your RV is overrun by “stuff.” Then your RV isn’t the blessing it
should be—it’s just another cleaning and organizational chore waiting to
happen. What should you do to keep your RV in check? Here’s how to organize
your RV for maximum efficiency.

Using Vertical Space

Around the home, we’re tempted to use as much horizontal
space as possible. Countertops, tables, furnishings, etc. But around the RV, we
don’t have the luxury of all that free floor space. If you’re going to walk
freely around your RV, you’re going to have to use all three dimensions of your
available space to clear out the clutter. Here are a few ideas:

  • Vertical shelving
    inside cabinets.
    Installing new vertical shelving inside cabinets will give
    you more free space to keep inside the kitchen. This is great for essentials
    such as cleaning products, spices, and anything else you might need in the
  • Look for
    additional space you aren’t using.
    Are there spaces in your RV that are
    totally unused because they’re hard to turn into storage? Consider going to the
    local home goods store to look for organizational materials you can hang up or
    post against a wall to add to your vertical shelving space.
  • Look down
    as well as up.
    Can you stand a free-standing drawer unit under a desk?
    Don’t just look up on your RV for places to hang things. Look at the unused
    floor space as well.

Add Your Own
Organizational Twists


Don’t just take the space in your RV as-is. You can
customize it, label it, and change it as you see fit. For example, you can add
storage bins to space to avoid the clutter that comes with entire piles of
clothes. You can use foldable kitchen items to cut down on space. You can add
all sorts of personal twists to your RV. It’s simply a matter of doing it.

How can you come up with ideas? Try this: the next time
you’re cleaning out your RV with a product like VinyLIFE,
keep a pen and pad handy. As you organize the interior of your RV, jot down any
ideas that come to you, or any additional organizational products you may need
to buy to maximize your efficiency.

Making Your RV Work

Finally, be ruthless about your storage choices. Get rid of
what you don’t need. Clear out any walking paths. Get rid of junk and make sure
that when you bring something on your RV, it has a real purpose. And it doesn’t
hurt to have some RV cleaning products you
can use the next time you’re tidying up your RV, either. The more you clean and
organize, the more your RV will feel like home.

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