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How to Build and Give an RV Kit This Father’s Day

Your father has three loves in his life: his wife, his
children, and his RV. And for some reason, in past Father’s Days, you’ve
actually ignored this fact and opted to give your dad golf gear, or new clothes,
or a subscription to a magazine he’s never heard of.

If your dad loves his RV, we say it’s time to ditch the usual gifts and get him something he really wants. But we have our own RV by LIFE twist: we’ll not only tell you
what to purchase to build an RV kit, but we’ll offer some advice for the actual
gift-giving itself.

Building the RV Kit

Okay, so what exactly comprises an “RV Kit” anyway? Well, it
depends on your approach. After all, there’s a lot to do in an RV – you can
clean it, maintain it, repair it, seal it, etc. – and that means that there are
different kits for different occasions.

Take a look at some of the kits we’ve helped you build in
the past:

  • RV Sealing Kit: Full of everything your dad would need to repair leaks and
    roof damage with quick and effective sealing. Items like silicone rubber sealant and end-grain wood sealer
    are recommended.
  • RV Cleaning Kit: Featuring items like the Suds Quart for easy and ready
    cleaning, the cleaning kit is built both to handle stains and for general

If your dad loves RVs, then he can likely be found working
on it to some degree. Ask yourself this: does he tend to make repairs, or is he
obsessed with cleaning and waxing? The answer should point you in the direction
of which kit would be more useful to him.

If you’re still stuck, you could always use some of the
suggestions above and pair them with the following products to ensure your dad
has an RV “general” kit he’ll enjoy:

  • Graphix Wax. For waxing your RV even when
    custom graphics call for a higher standard of wax. Go with Life Wax if your dad doesn’t have
    to worry about custom graphics.
  • Fiberglass Powder. Dealing with fiberglass is something just about every single RV
    owner is going to have to handle at some point in time; it can’t hurt to
    include it in a general RV kit.
  • Mildew Remover. Is
    it the greatest gift to include in the kit? Of course not. But its usefulness
    more than justifies its presence, particularly if your dad has some mildew
    odors to get rid of.

Making a Gift Your
Creating your own “kit” means you’ll have to work on presentation.
You can wrap the gifts individually, or you can simply put them all in a large
gift bag to ensure that the presentation looks nice. Our recommendation? Buy a
nice box or basket and have it labeled “Dad’s RV Kit” to put the gift over the
top. You’d be amazed at how many style points you can score with just a few
dollars – and your dad will appreciate the contents inside the box that much more.

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