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How to Choose the Right RV for Your Family

Have you ever sat at a store, staring at a T-shirt,
wondering if it was the right purchase for you? You don’t want to part with
your twenty dollars, of course, but you’re also wondering if that T-shirt might
help your wardrobe feel a bit more … “you.”

You end up sitting in the store for a half an hour,
agonizing over the decision.

You’d be surprised at how many people put more thought into
their T-shirts and other small purchases and skip the research when it comes to
major purchases like RVs. But not you. You’re going to evaluate your goals,
your tastes, and learn exactly what kind of RV might best suit your purposes.
These suggestions are things to consider before purchasing an RV.

What Do You Want Out
of Your RV?

It’s a simple question. But you’d be surprised at how many prospective
RV owners haven’t even sat down once to think about it.

Sure, they might have a general notion that they want to
travel more or camp more. But what do they really want out of their RV?

It helps to answer this with a specific goal, a threshold after
which you’ll feel satisfied with your purchase. Perhaps going on one road trip
per year is all you want out of your RV. Maybe going camping four times this
summer would make you feel satisfied.

Everyone has different preferences. What’s important is finding
the specific preferences that make your
taste in RVs so different from someone else’s. And once you have that
information, you’re ready to look at different RV types specifically.

Narrowing the Right
RV “Type” for You

From an outsider’s perspective, it might seem like all RVs
are the same: they’re homes on wheels. But once you start your research, you
begin to see that the world of recreational vehicles is much larger than you
think. The only thing to do is narrow down your list.

Consider the types of RVs you have to choose from:

  • Towable
    are the kinds of “campers” you see connected to a truck and brought to
    a campsite. These are generally more affordable because they don’t have or need
    an engine.
  • “Class A”
    are the big honking motorhomes you see people barrel down the
    highway in, the kinds of motorhomes capable of hosting a large family on the
  • Class B
    and Class C Motorhomes
    are like the Class A, except they tend to run a
    little smaller. The Class B, for example, is more like a van with a raised
    roof…and the Class C looks like a motorhome and can be just as luxurious as a
    Class A, it’s just a little smaller.

If you only plan on casual camping, a towable RV might be
right for you. If you’re making RVing an entire lifestyle, the Class A might
suit you. A Class C is great if you’re on a budget. As you’ll notice, picking
out the right one means fitting the right RV to your individual needs.

Bottom line? Match the appropriate RV to your goals and
you’ll find that your purchase will feel much smarter after a year’s time. 

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