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How To Clean and Protect At Once for Fresh RV Vinyl

Most people know how to clean everyday objects—wood,
countertops, and the like. But vinyl? Ask someone to clean vinyl and they have
no idea how to proceed. The good news: it’s easy, especially if you use the
right product.

Secure a Bottle of VinyLIFE

If you don’t have the product to meet your needs, then
you’re probably going to end up buying too many for the price. Instead, look
for a product that can address everything your vinyl needs—and that means both
cleaning and protection.

VinyLIFE comes in an easy spray-on bottle, offering two
functions in one:

  • Cleaning:
    Removing dirt, grime, and stains with relative ease, VinyLIFE is an easy
    application, which means you won’t have to fret over your vinyl thanks to some
    obscure product that has a multitude of steps. Vinyl can be tough to clean with
    any ordinary cleaning product because it’s susceptible to streaking—especially
    if you’re using an old paper towel to clean it off. Use a fresh rag to clean
    with VinyLIFE and you’ll be able to maximize its restorative properties as
  • Protecting:
    It’s nice to keep your vinyl clear of grime and dirt, but if you don’t protect
    it for the long haul, it’s not going to maintain that original luster and sheen
    that many people associate with high-quality vinyl. Since VinyLIFE is a
    two-in-one product, its streak-free protection will ensure that you don’t have
    to slave away over your vinyl just to leave it better off than when you
    started. And since every time you clean, you’ll also protect, you can expect to
    get more life out of your vinyl.

The key to making VinyLIFE work: the non-glossy finish. Just
about any product out there
can clean
vinyl—and there are other products for protecting it, too. But if your vinyl
can have a streak-free, non-glossy finish after cleaning, then it will look
fresh and new.

Create Your Vinyl

It doesn’t take much to clean and protect vinyl once you
have the right product, but you’ll want to create a routine for getting it done
as quickly as possible. Why? Because with a quick routine, you’ll be more
inclined to actually take care of your vinyl!

  1. Include your vinyl routine as part of your
    overall RV routine.
    If you have a regular cleaning/waxing scheduled, make a
    note to take care of your vinyl as well.
  2. Keep a fresh rag or towel handy for your vinyl.
    Try not to reuse other rags, however—you don’t want to run the risk of adding a
    chemical that’s not good for your vinyl.
  3. Apply and wipe. It’s really as simple as
    that—especially if you clean and protect your vinyl often.

The key to keeping your RV looking new? It’s not just
consistency. It’s also having the best
RV cleaners available. Not only
will these cleaners help your RV to stay as free of debris as possible, but
when you use the right applications, you’ll avoid little problems like streaks,
discoloration, and glossiness.  

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