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How to Protect Your RV in the Fall

It’s a fact of life: seasons change, and we have to
change with it. But autumn doesn’t only mean thicker sweaters and leaf blowers;
it also requires taking the time to care for and protect your RV as much as

You might remember our guide for protecting your RV in the summer. If you’ve followed through on
our suggestions, you’ve arrived in fall with a pristine RV. But now there are
new challenges: less sun, more debris, and plenty of opportunities to let your
RV succumb to the whims of the weather if you’re not careful. Here are our
strategies for keeping your RV in top condition—inside and out—this fall:

  • Storm
    Hop over to our guide on RV storm preparation to make sure that you know what to do when a
    storm hits. Some of these tips are as simple as retracting the awning before a
    storm; others will require a little investment of time, such as keeping your RV
    stocked with a first-aid kit. When autumn storms hit, make sure that you’ve
    cleared your RV of major debris, that you close and latch your RV windows, and
    that you have a secure place to either store your RV or, failing that, ride out
    the storm in your RV.
  • Find a
    fresh place to park your RV.
    Parking your RV under a tree to give it shade
    in the summer is a great way to prevent sun damage. In the fall—well, let’s
    just say it’s not as great an idea.
    But if you have no other place to park your RV, make sure to remove leaves
    regularly, including any time you take the RV out, as leaves can leave all
    sorts of dirt, contribute to rusting via moisture, and lead to paint damage if
    left alone.
  • Wax. It’s
    important to wax your RV and seal off the paint from evildoers like leaves and
    other debris as soon as you can—while the air’s still kind to your RV exterior.
    Use LifeWax after
    thoroughly cleaning and drying the exterior of your RV to maximize your autumn
  • Check your
    Winter is a tough time for batteries. Fall represents your last
    time to check the quality of your battery and have it replaced (if need be)
    before winter hits. If your RV has been a slow starter even before the cold
    temperatures swing around, have your battery replaced before it gets too cold.
    (For more tips on winterizing your RV, check out our winter RV guide.)
  • If you’re
    storing, think about storage now.
    Storing your RV shouldn’t be a
    thoughtless process—you should take care to ensure that every minute of your
    RV’s life in storage is in a safe, secure, dry place. Refer to our RV storage guide to know
    what to look for in a storage location.

Fall is a busy time. Not only are you preparing for winter, but
you’re trying to enjoy the last semblances of good weather while you still can.
If you handle the tips above, you can be confident that your RV will be
well-protected and well-prepared for winter, leaving you to enjoy tailgating,
holiday traveling, and all of the other wonderful things that fall brings to
our lives. 

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