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How to Remove Stubborn Decals & Bumper Stickers from Your RV


You might have a new, freshly-painted RV. But that doesn’t
mean it’s absolutely pristine. Stickers, decals, and other obstructions can
sometimes get in the way, especially if you want to add your own style. Whether
you’ve purchased a used RV with decals already attached or you want to give
your RV a makeover, here’s your guide to removing decals and bumper stickers
from your RV.

The Most Important
Purchase to Make

The difficulty of removing these stickers is getting them off
of your RV without them half-peeling and leaving most of their sticky
foundation behind. If you want to remove the most stubborn decals and bumper
stickers from your RV without leaving glue or half-torn paper behind on your
RV, you need to add a bottle of
Adhesive & Sealant Remover
to your arsenal.

How to Use “Release®

To preview how it works, watch
how it removes Diamond
from a bumper. By going slowly and carefully and applying a liberal
amount of Release® with the right tools, both the material and the glue will
come off easily.

Here’s how to replicate those results on your own RV:

  • Secure a bottle of Release® for yourself before
  • Find a safe scraping tool, such as a plastic
    scraping tool. You don’t want to use your fingernails when
    dealing with stubborn old stickers and decals.
  • Spray the area to start out, give it a little
    time to dissolve any glue, and use the scraping tool on one of the corners.
    This will allow you to create a “handle” that you can use to peel back the rest
    of the adhesive.
  • Keep a towel handy so you can keep your hands
    clean and dry.
  • Move slowly, making sure that you apply Release®
    as you expose new areas of glue and adhesive. Err on the side of using more,
    not less.
  • If you can, try to bring off the sticker or
    adhesive in one solid piece.

Avoid Common Mistakes

Removing stickers and decals can be frustrating. Even
the most patient of RV owners can sometimes move too quickly. The unfortunate result,
however, is that they commit mistakes that can make the situation worse, not
better. Here are some key mistakes to avoid:

  • Don’t start clawing at the adhesive with your
    fingernails. It may be quick, but if you have to do it that way, then you
    aren’t following the steps above.
  • Don’t tear too quickly. Tearing too quickly
    means you’re not able to spray Release
    ® to dissolve the adhesive, which will
    end up tearing away the sticker but not the glue underneath.
  • Don’t apply uneven pressure. If you tear too
    hard at one piece of the sticker and not another, you run the risk of tearing
    one part off while the other remains securely attached to the RV.

With Release® and the right tools at hand, you should have
no problem releasing the adhesive and giving your RV the clear, clean look it

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