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Is Your RV “Aging” Too Quickly? Follow These Three Solutions


There’s nothing worse than making a considerable investment
in a brand-new, gorgeous RV…only to see it succumb to stains, mildew, and worse.
Problems like oxidation and set-in
staining give the RV a beat-up, weathered look that not only makes it less
attractive to look at, but also can affect its overall resale value. In short,
an RV can age poorly, which affects its overall value.

If your RV has been aging prematurely, it’s time to ditch
the soap and water and acquire some products that will treat these problems of
aging at their root cause:

Problem #1: Mildew

Mildew never seems like much of a problem to most RV owners.
They figure that they can spray a little, cover the stench, and the RV will
smell as good as new. Or, worse yet, they figure that all they have to do is
open a window once in a while.

But once you realize what mildew is—a form of fungus closely
related to mold—you start to see what it can be a problem. Mold that grows on
your food ruins its smell and flavor and makes it inedible. What do you think
mold’s angry cousin, mildew, is doing? It’s making your RV look and smell older
than it really is.

Solution: RV Mildew Remover Pint.
Since the solution for most people is to spray up some sweet-smelling odor in
the air, you might as well get your mildew remover in spray form, as well. It’s
just as convenient and since it’s chlorine-free and acid-free, it won’t ruin
the rest of your RV. Because it’s safe for fabrics, you can spray your mildew
remover on easily as you clean the rest of your RV. Simply keep a bottle handy
with the rest of your RV cleaning kit and your RV will smell fresh as new.

Problem #2: Aging Fiberglass

Fiberglass is kind of like the lifeblood of your RV’s
appearance: when it starts to go, so goes the rest of your RV. But even if you
have some rust or stains on your fiberglass, that doesn’t mean you have to
concede that the RV is finally starting to show its age. You just have to get
smart about the way you approach cleaning your RV, and that means upgrading
your cleaning methods from a standard soap. You have to acquire a fiberglass
cleaner that’s meant for fiberglass.

Solution: RV Fiberglass Rubbing Compound. Removing oxidation and stains and
restoring the finish of your fiberglass, this is much more than a cleaning
solution for the exterior of your RV. It won’t just clean out stains; it will
clear them out and prep the rest of the fiberglass for the future. In short,
this is what you need to take care of your fiberglass when you’re sick of
scrubbing with soap and water with nothing to show for it.

Problem #3: Bad Stainless Steel

Since “stainless steel” has a reputation to uphold in its
very name, it’s always a sign of premature aging when your RV’s stainless steel
has—dare we say it—stains. As was the case with your RV’s fiberglass, it’s important
to find a product above and beyond soap and water and treat the metal for what
it is.

Solution: Stainless Steel RV Cleaner. Like our Mildew Remover, it features
an easy-spray bottle that makes cleaning out Stainless Steel a little bit more
like cleaning a window: spray on, wipe off, and watch your RV’s stainless steel
come out looking all the younger for it.

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