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Low Cost RV Living Guide

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Living in an RV is one of the best ways to enjoy the outdoors. But that comfort often comes at a price. That’s why many people who want the full RV living experience have discovered ways to save money without sacrificing what makes the RV lifestyle so great in the first place. Take a look at this cheap RV living guide for the best ways to do that yourself.

Tips for More Affordable RV Living

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Let’s start with some of the easiest ways to save money by simply modifying a few key behaviors that play into your RV budget. Here are some of our best tips:

  • Monitor your tire pressure regularly. Checking and maintaining your tire pressure regularly is a great way to improve your gas mileage, hence reducing your fuel costs. It only takes a few cents to use the machine at a gas station, so consider starting a change jar for this task!
  • Travel slowly. On the highways, you’ll get a lot more out of your gas dollar if you travel at 55 miles per hour than if you travel at 70 miles per hour. Stick to those cruising lanes and don’t feel the need to pass anyone.
  • Minimize idling time. Again, you can save on gas simply by starting the engine when you’re absolutely sure you’re ready to go.
  • Maximize your outdoor entertainment time. The RV starts costing you a lot more money when you use it for power and entertainment. If you can spend more time outdoors rather than staying in, you’ll not only be getting more fresh air, but you’ll also be saving money.
  • Plan trips around RV infrastructure. Expenses tend to add up when you can’t easily hook up your RV. Plan your trips around the availability of RV infrastructure, such as campgrounds with hookups.
  • Plan long-term. If you travel in your RV, you may want to establish a “home base” from which you travel. Extended stays in RV campgrounds can sometimes mean lower nightly fees. However, only do this if you already plan on taking extended vacations.

How to Maintain Low-Cost RV Living Habits

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Even if you incorporate just a few tips from the above into your RV lifestyle, you’ll begin to save some money. You may not realize it at first, but all of those gasoline and entertainment costs really do add up more than you’d think. But what if you want to maintain habits that have more of a dramatic effect on what you pay for RV living?

In some cases, you might invest in a solar panel for your RV. Although the upfront installation may cost you more, it can help you reduce costs in the long run. It will also help your RV maintain independence, which in turn helps prevent you from having to hook up to “the grid” at every opportunity.

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