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Making Your RV Dog-Friendly

Pet Travel Center reports that around 75% of RVers travel
with their pets. With so many people bringing their four legged pals along on
their travels, there are a wide variety of RV pet supplies to choose from to ensure you spend your days in a dog-friendly RV.
Listed below are a few essentials to implement that will ensure Fido is safe
and happy no matter where your next adventure takes you.

Pet Fence

If you don’t like to keep your dog tethered, pet fences are
an awesome alternative. They allow your furball to roll around and have more
space to sprawl out. Make sure to set up the fence in partial shade so your pup
doesn’t overheat. Also, check to make sure the campground you’re staying at allows
fences, as some pet friendly parks don’t allow pet fencing.

Dog Barrier

While you probably want to spend all your time with your
dog, it can be dangerous if they are up near the driver while the vehicle is
in motion. Dog barriers are great for keeping your dogs in a specific area of
the RV.

Seat Belts and Car Seats

Your pets are just as susceptible to car crash injuries as
you are. Make sure you’re prepared for the worst by securing your dog in your
RV. Depending on the size of your pooch, you will want to choose an
appropriately sized seat belt or car seat.

Dog Ramp and/or Steps

Dog steps or ramps are perfect for older canines and those who have hip dysplasia or other medical conditions. There are many pet
steps and ramps made specifically for RVs available on the market.

Pet Bed and Toys

Some dogs aren’t as open to new experiences as you are.
Having a comfortable pet bed that they feel safe in is an awesome way to make
the transition a little easier on them. If you plan on purchasing a new bed for
the RV, bring it in the house a few weeks before you leave so they have time to
adjust to it. Toys are also an effective way to facilitate an enjoyable trip
for your four-legged friend.

Seat Protectors

No one wants to spend all their time vacuuming hair and
cleaning up accidents on their upholstery. Car seat protectors protect your
seats and are simple to clean up and store when you’re finished using them. RV
by LIFE’s VinyLIFE
is a great solution for lightning fast cleanup.

These supplies will ensure that your pet is safe, secure,
and comfortable on your adventure in your now dog-friendly RV. It’s also important to have plenty of
pick-up bags, water and food for your pup. If you have some pet travelling tips
please let us know!

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