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3 “Multi-Tasking” RV Cleaning Products: Save Money Now!


In an RV, there’s one resource that’s always limited: space.
There’s no reason your RV cleaning products to take up a major section of your
garage, either. To that end, here are a few multi-tasking RV cleaning products
any prudent RV owner should buy. Save space and money by consolidating your RV
maintenance tasks with the right RV cleaning products.

Multi-Tasking RV
Cleaning Product #1: Life Wax

Tasks: Restoration
and protection

Most people view RV wax as a preventative measure, a way to
lock out debris and maintain the quality of fiberglass. And it’s all completely
true. But a good RV wax should be able to do more than simply lock away your
fiberglass. It should also have restorative capabilities.

The reason we categorize Life Wax with our other RV Restoration Products
is that it has a multi-tasking impact every time you apply it. Yes, it has the
UV protection to handle even warm and tropical climates. But its restoring
action is also impressive. And when used with our next product, its effects can
last up to three years.

Multi-Tasking RV
Cleaning Product #2: PolyShine®

Tasks: Polishing
and acting as a fiberglass glaze

Like RV wax, RV polish is usually viewed as a one-trick monkey.
Not so with PolyShine®,
which when applied has additional UV protection qualities that make it
something like an RV wax. Pair it with Life Wax and you can extend the quality
and duration that both products offer your RV fiberglass.

PolyShine is an RV polish that has the additional advantage
of being easy-to-use, which isn’t the case for all RV fiberglass polishes. If
you’re interested in maintaining the “like-new” quality of your RV fiberglass,
quality RV polish is an investment that always pays dividends.

Multi-Tasking RV Cleaning Product #3: Solvent
& Cleaner

Tasks:General purpose solvent and

Let’s face it: at some point, you’re going to have greasy
tools that need more than just soap and water to get clean. Using an effective
de-greaser is the best way to go… but there’s no reason you should buy a
separate product when Solvent
& Cleaner
can handle it just as well.

Our RV Solvent & Cleaner can be used as a general
purpose solvent that is great for removing uncured calk and preparing surfaces
for the new application of sealant. And if you have tools that need de-greasing
from your RV work—or many types of work, for that matter—Solvent & Cleaner
can handle that too!

How to Find Multi-Tasking
RV Cleaning Products

Not sure if the RV cleaning product you’re considering is a
multi-tasker? Here are some tips for figuring it out:

  • Read the
    fine print.
    Labels will tell you whether or not a product is slated for use
    in different situations. They’ll also warn you if you can’t use a certain product on another type of surface.
  • Make sure
    your RV cleaning products can handle multiple surfaces.
    What good is a
    cleaner, for example, if it can’t handle more than your RV fiberglass? Before
    you buy a cleaning product, make sure it actually cleans more than just a
    section of your RV.

To start your research into your next multi-tasker, check out all of our RV cleaning products online.

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