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How to Negotiate a Used RV Purchase


You want an RV—but you don’t want to break the bank for it. One of the obvious solutions is to buy it used! But even though buying a used RV can come with its own set of benefits, including lower cost, it’s still possible to overpay for it. That’s where negotiation comes in. If you can negotiate a great used RV price, you’ll have access to a new way to enjoy vacations and venture out on the weekends. If you end up paying too much, though, you might have buyer’s remorse. That’s why we’re here to show you how to negotiate a used RV purchase.

Research: Make Sure You Know Your RVs

The first step is to give yourself some grounding. When you see RVs listed online, you need to have some bearings about the context. Is the RV fairly priced for its make and model? For its mileage? For its condition? Let’s get into the specifics of how to research a fair RV price:

  • Make and model comparison. If want the proper context for the price of the RV you have your eye on, you need to know how other similar used RVs are being priced. Search online specifically for similar RVs to the one you like, then note the difference in price, condition, and mileage. Make sure you have more than one reference point as well. It’s better to get a sense of the RV’s price from a broader sample rather than comparing the one you like to a singular RV.
  • Use reputable websites. A website like RV Trader is a great starting point to look up RVs similar to the one you’re thinking about buying.

Remember that research isn’t only about giving yourself a leg up, but it’s also about having some negotiating leverage when it comes time to wiggle on price. If you know you can find a better deal elsewhere, you’ll have no problem walking away from a bad deal.

Negotiation: Getting the RV Owner to Say “Yes”

Once you know what the RV’s price should be—and what you can afford—you’re ready to start negotiating. Here are some tips to negotiate the price fairly:

  • Remain polite. You can be as firm as you want when it comes to the realities of negotiating, but remember that you’re dealing with people first and foremost. And people are more likely to give you wiggle room if they like you.
  • Don’t get “RV fever.” If you absolutely, 100%, must have this RV, you’re putting yourself in a terrible position to negotiate. Don’t enter into negotiations unless you’ve set an upper limit for yourself and are willing to walk away if you can’t get a reasonable price.

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