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How to Prepare Your RV for Summer Storage


It would be great to use your RV all summer long. In the real world, however, that just isn’t likely to happen. You have commitments to consider, so even during the summer season your RV is going to sit in storage some of the time. Preparing your rig to be stored properly will make it easier to get up and running when the time does come to take a trip. Read on to learn RV by LIFE’s tips on how to prepare your RV for summer storage.

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Enemy #1 – The Sun

RV strorage

When it comes to summer storage, it’s the sun that you need to think about first and foremost. Sure, sunny weather is what is so attractive about traveling in the summer, but the sun’s rays can also wreak havoc on your RV. You’ll want to protect your RV from the sun to keep it healthy for years to come.

There are a couple of options to keep the sun from bearing down on your RV day after day. Perhaps the best option is simply to park it under a roof. The roof will provide the coverage you need, and you won’t have to do any additional work. Of course, covered storage is more expensive than uncovered storage, and it might not be available in all areas.

If you aren’t able to find covered parking, or don’t want to pay the extra cost, consider an RV cover. These are relatively affordable and do a good job of keeping the sun’s harmful UV rays from reaching the exterior of your rig. On the downside, you will have to put the cover on each time you park your RV into storage, which can be a bit of a chore—especially for a large RV.

Block Your Windows

This is another point that relates to the power of the sun and the heat it generates. If you leave your windows uncovered, the glass is essentially going to act as a magnifying glass. They will enhance the heat of the sun and create extremely high temperatures inside the RV. This is particularly troublesome when your RV is uncovered, but it’s worth covering the windows even if you do have coverage.

Clean the RV Thoroughly

After each trip, make it a point to clean the exterior of your RV. Leaving it dirty can accelerate the deterioration of the outside of the motorhome, trailer, or camper. Not only do you want to wash it off, but you should also consider using a product like Graphix Wax to protect your rig. This is a UV protectant that can help you get years of service out of your RV without the yellowing that takes place so often.

Empty It Out

You don’t want to store your RV with fluids in the grey or black water tanks. It’s best to always empty these tanks after a trip, of course, but it’s particularly important in the summer when warm temperatures could cause unwanted growth. Although it might not seem like as much of a threat, also drain the fresh water tank to take away any moisture that might give life to unwanted visitors such as mold or mildew.

Pay Attention to the Seals

The seals that protect the seams of your RV are one of the most important components of the whole rig. If those seals fail in one way or another, moisture and even little critters may be able to work their way inside. Should you happen to notice problems with your seals use Life Seal to make the necessary repairs. This will  improve how your RV fares in storage.

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Now you know how to prepare your RV for summer storage. Get all the supplies you need for the task from RV by LIFE!

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