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Prepping Your RV for Summer Celebrations

You have an RV, and summertime is here. So it’s not a
surprise that your friends and family are looking to you to throw some amazing festivities – in fact, that’s part of the
reason you bought an RV in the first place.

But there’s a problem: you’re either not experienced when it
comes to throwing summer shindigs, or you simply don’t have any idea about how
to go about it. You’re worried about overdoing it (way too many fireworks) and
even worried about underdoing it (not enough hot dogs). How can you throw a
great party that everyone will enjoy? We have a thought or two.

Party Ideas: Taking
Advantage of an RV’s Benefits

First things first: it’s not really an RV party unless you
use the RV itself. This means everything from physically using the RV as part
of the party in the form of an awning, or using it somewhat abstractly (as the
transportation to a spot on the lake where you want to grill out). No matter
what you choose, make sure that you actually use your RV; that’s part of the
reason why you’re throwing this party in the first place.

Next, remember that your RV is more than just a couch on
wheels; it has all sorts of amenities that you’ll want to take advantage of.
You can turn up the music in your RV to liven the party up. You can turn on an
All-American movie for the kids to enjoy inside the RV while the adults eat
outside. The important thing is that you involve the RV, especially for any
guests who haven’t yet had a chance to experience it for themselves.

Prepping the RV
Itself: A Checklist

Involving an RV in a party is convenient,
easy, and makes for a good time, but trust us when we say there are a few items
you’ll want to cross off the checklist first:

  • Safety
    Fire safety is always important; check the pressure of your fire
    extinguisher and make sure that it’s unobstructed in case it needs to be used.
    And to avoid starting fires in the first place, make sure to keep things
    separate; the outdoor grill doesn’t belong near the RV, for example.
  • Pre-chill
    the drinks.
    Warm beers and sodas? That’s just plain un-American. Pre-chill
    the drinks by having some coolers ready, or simply by stocking up your
    refrigerator. Better yet: do both so you can be sure you’re covered. And don’t
    forget the ice.
  • Music.
    There’s no party without music, and that means making sure that you have some
    all-American (and family-friendly) tunes ready to go. Whatever your platform of
    choice (CD, MP3 player with aux cord, and more), make sure that your system is
    ready so you merely need to hit “play” when the first guests arrive.

When you have an RV, it’s a bit like having a cheat code to
an instant party. But summertime only rolls around once a year, so it only
makes sense to do it up right. 

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