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How to Prevent Black Streaks on an RV


Black streaks are one of the most common—and most frustrating—problems that RV owners will face. But, while you can clean black streaks from the side of your RV, it’s almost always easier to simply prevent them from forming in the first place. The only question: how? Here’s a guide on how to prevent black streaks on an RV, as well as some new habits to implement in your RV cleaning routine.

What Causes Black Streaks on RVs?

In a word, water.

While water may seem clear, it also has the ability to carry debris. That means water that runs down the side of your RV may be carrying unwanted dirt and dust. It doesn’t matter if this debris comes from flecks of rubber or something that gets carried from treetops that fall on your RV’s roof. If water can carry it, it will. And, on dry days, the water on the side of your RV will evaporate, leaving only the dirt and grime that it transported.

How to Prevent the Accumulation of Black Streaks

The first step is to ensure that you’re already keeping your RV clean. Are you going beyond soap and water? Are you washing your RV regularly?

You can make sure that you’re doing a better job of keeping your RV free of dirt and debris by investing in Suds, which is specifically formulated for RVs. The vital difference between Suds and ordinary soaps is that it will clean your fiberglass without removing the wax. This way, you won’t have to worry about removing the wax you worked so hard to put on your RV.

Once you have a clean and dry RV, your next step is to apply a layer of wax, if you haven’t already. Waxing is essential for preventing black streaks because it allows water to bead off the surface of your fiberglass, which deposits more of its debris on the ground where it belongs. While waxing your RV may not prevent all of the accumulation of dirt and debris, with the proper RV cleaner, it will make it much easier for you to wipe off the accumulation. We recommend using LifeWax for the best results!

In addition, if you have custom graphics on your RV, it’s a good idea to invest in Graphix Wax. This will clear out any dirt that has built up around your graphics and it will protect them from all sorts of issues, including the harsh effects of UV rays.

Building a New RV Cleaning Routine

We hope you’ve enjoyed this guide on how to prevent black streaks on an RV. It all comes down to adjusting your cleaning habits and cleaning your RV more regularly. Give your RV the shine and luster it deserves. Keep browsing the best RV cleaning supplies available here at RV by LIFE to allow your vehicle to look as good as it possibly can! We look forward to helping you keep your RV spotless.

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