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Protecting the Vinyl in Your RV


You may not think that vinyl is an important part of your
RV, but take a second look.

Vinyl, after all, isn’t just for old-fashioned records.
Vinyl is everywhere, from the construction of furniture to vinyl wood planks,
and you shouldn’t be surprised that much of your RV interior is comprised of
vinyl—not to mention portions of your RV exterior
as well.

If you’re going to maintain a fresh and clean RV, then
your vinyl is going to have to remain like new. Luckily, if you use the right
tools, you won’t have to constantly monitor your vinyl and spend hours of backbreaking
work ensuring that your vinyl is in good condition. If you do it right, you can
protect your vinyl just five minutes at a time.

and Protecting Vinyl at the Same Time

If you want your vinyl to look “like new” without putting
in constant effort to maintain, clean, and protect it, then you’re going to
need a cleaning product that does two things at once. VinyLIFE
accomplishes two objectives with one spray: it cleans as well as protects. That
means no “second coat” of vinyl protectant after cleaning—saving you a lot of cumbersome
work in the process.

But it’s not just about cleaning and protecting at the
same time, convenient as it may be. You also want your Vinyl cleaner to be
versatile, capable of handling seats, tops, upholstery—even fenders and
bumpers. You’ll only waste time if you use more than one product for all of
these different surfaces, so make sure you buy a Vinyl cleaner and protectant
that does it all. That way, you don’t
have to.

an Easy, Simplified Vinyl Routine

If you’ve never cleaned vinyl before, then you’ll want to
take a few minutes with VinyLIFE spray in hand to figure out which surfaces on
your RV can be cleaned with the same spray. That way, the next time you need to
clean your vinyl, you can go through a simple routine:

  • Check for debris. Dust
    and debris can get in the way of a good cleaning, so give your vinyl a quick
    check before you spray it down.
  • Spray with VinyLIFE. One
    application, two functions—including sun protection. If you use this spray,
    you’ll be able to save a lot of time with this part alone.
  • Thoroughly wipe for even application. If
    you don’t think wiping is important, consider how a sunburn looks when you didn’t
    properly spread the sunscreen. That’s what’s happening to your vinyl when you
    don’t take a little time to wipe it down.

And that’s it. Once you have a spray that can work on many
types of vinyl and you know where to spray, your vinyl cleaning and maintenance
routine can be cut down into next-to-nothing.

When you’ve got an RV to look after, every minute you can
save counts. After all, you’re supposed to spend most of your time enjoying
it—and not maintaining it.

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