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Removing a Paint Protection Film from your RV


You’re an attentive RV owner, so you love to protect every
last detail. That includes ensuring your paint is protected from the elements.
While a paint protection film is a great way to ensure your paint is protected—and
can even be more effective than a coating, sealant or wax—it also may take away
from the natural shine of your paint. Your RV’s paint protection film also
makes it difficult or impossible to detail or repaint a surface. So what’s the
process for removing a paint protection film from your RV?

Here’s a simple guide to help you pull off the delicate job
of removing paint protection without damaging your RV.

Why Invest in a Paint
Protection Film Remover for your RV?

As any experienced RV owner knows, there are few challenges
as frustrating as removing adhesive or sealant that doesn’t want to be removed.
Consider all of the different materials that have to be dealt with when you
remove an old adhesion film:

  • Fiberglass
  • Wood
  • Metal

Someone who’s owned an RV for a long time knows just how
difficult these individual materials can be to deal with. This is especially
true when working with adhesives and sealants, which bond so tightly to these
elements that the two practically seem to become one solid material.

And there’s more to the problem than the challenge of
working with different materials. Removing a paint protection film from your RV
can be expensive if you hire a
contractor—up to $5,000. This is because paint film can often require special
treatment that’s almost surgical in its precision. However, there is a less
costly and less time-intensive solution: a dedicated RV adhesive remover.

Removing a Paint
Protection Film with RV by Life Release®

Adhesive & Sealant Remover
is more than a mere sticker-remover. This versatile
product is specifically designed for RVs to work with fiberglass, wood, metal,
and glass. And since it’s safe to use on painted surfaces, you don’t have to
tape off the paint you want to keep on your RV from the paint film you want to

If you’ve seen How to Remove Diamond Shield,
then you know the essential process of applying Release® in order to get rid of
an old adhesive. The key points here:

  • Work
    Have patience with removing an old paint protection film, even
    if it doesn’t necessarily all come off at once. It’s when you work too fast and
    try to force it that accidents happen.
  • Be
    liberal with the Release®.
    Remember how much money you’re saving by using
    Release® and not a professional to remove the adhesive. Use as much of the
    product as seems prudent, and don’t be afraid to use more.

By applying Release®
and peeling back the paint protection film from your RV patiently, you’ll have
everything you need for a professional-quality film removal without the
professional-quality prices. All it takes is the right equipment, some elbow
grease, and patience. And if the job goes right, you may just find yourself
looking for other RV adhesives to remove. 

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