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RV AC Not Turning On

RV AC not turning on

If your AC isn’t turning on in your RV, it might be due to a
number of problems that can make it more difficult for you to handle the
repairs yourself. Consider:

  • The AC is
    connected to a few different systems
    . To diagnose the problem, you’ll have
    to have a working knowledge of an RV’s electrical, electronic, and mechanical
  • There can
    be differences across AC brands and products
    . If you’re looking for a
    “quick-fix” solution, you’ll often find that you need to find it specifically
    for a problem you’ve already diagnosed in an AC unit of your exact

With these challenges in mind, what can you do to fix an RV
AC not turning on?

Diagnosing The Problem

The first thing to do is to undertake a little troubleshooting:

  • Switch
    off the electrical supply.
    To work safely with an AC unit, you need to
    first shut off the electrical supply. You can do this by tripping the breaker
    or unplugging your motorhome if that’s how it gets its supply.
  • Diagnose
    the problem.
    Is it that your AC isn’t getting any power? Or is it that it
    has power, but won’t blow cool air? First evaluate the problem itself to get a
    sense of which stage may be affecting the AC’s performance. You may even find
    that you have to check the thermostat performance.
  • Familiarize
    yourself with the AC parts.
    What’s the difference between the control board
    and the capacitor? A capacitor is a small, cylindrical object for storing
    energy, while the control board will more likely resemble a computer board. If
    you understand what the capacitor does, you’ll be more likely to diagnose a
    power supply problem rather than scratching your head.
  • Check for
    power first.
    If the problem is that the AC unit doesn’t seem to react to
    anything you’re doing at all, it might be an issue with power. Look at the
    panel and check for blown fuses. You may also look for signs like a motor
    home’s lights or vent fans being out, which points to deeper power supply
    issues that may not have to do directly with your AC.

If, on the other hand, there’s plenty of power in the RV but
not the AC itself, you’re going to likely have to consider problems with the
capacitor that may need replacing.

When To Hire A

If you’re capable of diagnosing a problem with a control
board, for example, and replacing it yourself, repair can be as simple as
disassembly and reassembly. The problem is that casual RV owners usually don’t
have the knowledge or experience to handle these troubleshooting issues
themselves. If you’ve given your AC a thorough inspection and checked your
power supply, it may be time to hire a professional to take care of your RV’s
AC problem.

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