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RV Care 101 – 5 Tips for a Long RV Life


Your RV isn’t just a lifestyle. It’s also an investment. And
the longer your RV lasts, the more money you squeeze out of that investment. But
it’s not enough to take your RV to a wash occasionally and call it a day. If
you really want your RV—and your money—to last, you’ll want to keep a few basic
tips in mind. Here’s a crash course on RV care 101.

Use the KonMari
Method to Keep Clean and Tidy

This may be the most psychological of all the tips for one
reason: the tidier you keep your RV, the more likely you’re going to take
better care of it. It sounds counter-intuitive. But the tidier you keep your
RV, the more likely you are to spot minor problems before they become big
problems. Boiled down, this means that the less of a mess you have in your RV,
the less of a challenge it will be to take care of it.

The KonMari method is simple: you go through your belongings
and ask is this possession really adding
to my life
? In this case, you might ask if the possession is helping your
RV life. If not, you should either sell it or discard it. To help you along,
use a general, all-purpose cleaner like our Gallon of Suds as you tidy up.

Watch Your RV Fiberglass

It’s not hard to clean the interior of your RV. But if you
have a problem with your fiberglass—well, things can go south in a hurry.
There’s no hiding your exterior fiberglass from the world, after all.

Regularly inspect and clean your RV using our Fiberglass
Rubbing Compound
for maximum results. And just to stay organized, you can
add a fiberglass inspection to your regular RV
cleaning routine
so that you aren’t adding any more work to your calendar.

Wax Your RV Annually

It’s not enough to clean your fiberglass. You should also
protect it. Waxing your RV with Life
offers UV filtration so that the color and shine of your RV is
preserved. It also helps prevent rusting, collection of debris, water spots,
and a host of other problems that occur if you leave your RV alone for too

Maintenance—An Ounce
of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure

The old adage in medicine is that an ounce of prevention
will have as much effect on your health as a pound of cure. The same holds true
with vehicles like your RV. Take it in for its regular maintenance and address
problems as soon as they come up. You might occasionally have an unforeseen
expense as a result, but a functioning RV will always give you better long-term
savings than an RV that’s on its last legs.

Seal Leaks as Soon as
You Spot Them

A small leak can turn into a big leak, and that’s simply no
good. It also means that water gets inside your RV, causing property damage and
promoting the growth of mildew. Skip all of these problems by sealing up your
RV as soon as you can with effective RV sealants. These are much
more intuitive to use than you think and will cure quickly so you can enjoy a
sealed, waterproof roof as soon as possible.

Stock Up On Essential
RV Care Products

Follow these five tips and you’re bound to extend the life
of your RV. You’ll also improve the quality of that life on a day to day basis.
For more tools to keep your RV in tip-top shape, browse our entire collection of products.

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