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RV Compartment Door Repair Tips


Proper care of an RV starts at the seams. The doors,
windows, and compartments of your RV do more than help regulate temperature. They
also help to prevent molding, mildew, and all sorts of leak issues that can
cause water damage and worse. That’s why it’s so important to remember that
your compartment doors are just as important as any other seams in your RV.
Here are a few RV compartment door repair tips to help you get started.

Understanding RV
Compartment Doors

The first step to ensuring that you have proper repairs?
Know what you’re looking at in the first place. Here are a few key tips to keep
in mind to properly diagnose and address the issues with your compartment

  • Remember
    that leaks might not always be obvious.
    This is especially true for leaks
    along a seam. Leaks can be hidden when the door is closed—or open, for that
    matter. If you suspect a leak, take care to look at the sealants on the doors.
    Open and close them as you inspect them. Leaks along the seams have a way of
    disguising themselves. Don’t be fooled.
  • Watch for
    the tell-tale signs of problems.
    Water leakage, temperature differences,
    unexpected debris or damage—these all point to the potential of a sealing
    problem. You might want to consider cleaning individual compartments simply to
    get a better look at these familiar signs and symptoms, as they’re not always

Properly Sealing A Compartment

A good seal on your compartment door will go a long way
toward fixing its leak issues. But do you know the right ways to do it? These
tips should help:

  • Use a
    scraper to ensure a consistent seal.
    The Stick may be one of
    the most underutilized tools when it comes to proper sealing. But it’s also
    among the most useful. It will help remove excess sealant and ensure a quality,
    even bonding that’s ideal for your RV. When it comes to RV compartment door
    repair, it’s better to do it right than to do it quickly. With The Stick, you
    can do both.
  • Take time
    in selecting an RV sealant.
    Browse the RV sealants here at RV by LIFE
    to get a sense of the options available to you. Read the labels to get a sense
    of which materials they’re best designed for. In some cases, you can purchase
    an RV sealant like Life
    Seal® Silicone Rubber Sealant
    to keep handy for versatile use around
    the RV. In other cases, you might have to look for something specifically
    crafted for your needs, like Life
    Seal® Silicone Polyurethane
    —although it has plenty of versatility to
    offer as well.

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