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RV Exterior Trim Repair Tips


Be honest: when you think “RV repairs,” you don’t
immediately think about the exterior trim. You most likely think about the
engine, or the roof—or the other essential areas where your RV needs to be
functioning at its best. But a trim that isn’t up to snuff can become a problem
in a hurry, leading to leakage, inefficiency, and even making your RV
inhospitable in certain climates. Here’s what you need to know when it comes to
RV exterior trim repair.

Get a Sense of the Trim

Exterior trim damage can be tricky. Because trim inherently
runs along the seams of your RV door and windows, potential leaks can
essentially “disguise” themselves by running in straight, unseen lines. If
you’re not sure how serious a leak might be, consider the following familiar

  • Temperature
    . When the temperature changes outside, does it quickly change
    inside as well? Your insulation might not be up to snuff, which could indicate
    an exterior trim leak.
  • Water damage.
    Even if you’re not sure where the water is coming from, water present on the
    inside of RV should raise a few alarm bells.
  • Discoloration.
    Discoloration due to water damage or other issues with the exterior trim may
    show that your trim needs repair, and that it probably has for some time.

How to Repair Your RV
Exterior Trim

Once you’ve established that there is damage to your trim, you’ll need to know a few repair tips to
help expedite the process. The good news: it’s much easier than you might

  • Find the
    If you want to avoid replacing the trim completely, it’s important to
    find the entirety of the area affected by the damage.
  • Match
    There are plenty of RV sealants available
    here at RV by LIFE. Why so many? Because it’s important that you use the
    sealant that’s best suited for the job. For example, Life
    Seal® Silicone/Polyurethane Sealant
    is formulated especially for
    fiberglass—which is something you’d want to know before you go and repair trim
    that’s made out of something else.
  • Clean the
    area and let dry.
    This is particularly tricky with an exterior trim. How do
    you get into where the damage is and clean it? You may have to remove some
    parts. Proceed with caution here, as you don’t want to do more damage than the
    repairs are worth. Otherwise, clean the area as best you can and allow it to
    dry before sealing. This will help ensure the best adhesion possible.
  • Invest in
    The Stick.
    The Stick is an
    inexpensive but handy way to ensure you apply just enough sealant to your trim
    without overdoing it. Given how small an investment it is, consider it more
    than an accessory: it’s something no serious RV owner should be without.

RV exterior trim repair can be the finishing touch that
makes your RV look great. To make sure it’s in top shape, browse all the RV products here
at RV by LIFE

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