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RV Fiberglass: 3 Steps To Look New


Your RV fiberglass isn’t just another material to look out
for. Your RV has so much fiberglass that the quality of this fiberglass will
essentially determine how good your RV looks. And if you want to drive around
in an RV that looks brand new, you’re going to have to learn about the right products
and steps to ensure that your fiberglass looks new.

Even if you have stains like oxidation occurring on your
fiberglass, you’ll be amazed to see how just a few simple steps can overhaul
the entire look of your RV—assuming you know the process:  

Step One: A Thorough

It all starts with a clean slate. We recommend RV Suds in the gallon container
since you’re going to work with a lot of fiberglass. This will clean without
removing wax from Fiberglass as well, which means that you can use Suds even
between waxings without worrying about whether or not you’re getting rid of any
of the additional protection you put on.

The environmentally safe and biodegradable formula means you
can be comfortable using this wash in most places with a simple apply, scrub,
and rinse approach. Try to invest in a bucket and a long-handled washer so you
can take on the whole RV in less time. Doing it all by hand won’t only take a
lot more time, but it will take a lot more energy. It’s better to save those
for the next steps.

Step Two: Fiberglass Rubbing Compound

This is just as much a product as it is a step. Once your
fiberglass has dried, use this Fiberglass Rubbing Compound to restore the
finish of your fiberglass and get rid of developing rust and stains.

This step might take a little more attention and care, but
the results on your fiberglass will be well worth it. Washing your fiberglass
will remove surface debris and superficial stains, but rubbing compound will be
able to change much of the coloring of your fiberglass to ensure a more
“original”-like finish. If you have superficial rust stains that you need to
get rid of, this is an essential step—but really, it’s an essential step no
matter how much fiberglass staining you’re dealing with.

Step Three: PolyShine ® Premium Fiberglass &
Composite Polish Pint

Finishing it off is a high-quality polish that isn’t only
easy to apply, but will help protect your fiberglass with the kind of shine
you’d expect from fiberglass that’s brand new. The UV inhibitors contained in
here will prevent long-term yellowing, which is essential if your RV is
brightly-colored and shows sun damage easily. What’s more, if you drive or live
in warm, sunny climates, UV protection should constantly be on your mind when
it comes to RV maintenance.

Once you know your fiberglass inside and out,
maintaining it at an “original” look won’t be nearly as hard as you thought it
did. The only downside? Fighting the temptation to stand out in the driveway and
soak in your RV’s bright, shiny fiberglass for extended periods of time.

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