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RV Metal Roof Repair Tips

An metal roof can be a powerful line of defense from the
elements—but that doesn’t mean it’s without its quirks, either. If you need to
seal, repair, and maintain your metal roof, it helps to know how to deal with it.
That’s why RV by LIFE has put together some of our top RV metal roof repair tips to keep
it sealed, safe, and strong. Here’s what you’ll need to know.

Safety First

Any time you get up on your RV’s roof, you’ll want to be
careful. Take every possible safety precaution to ensure that you don’t put yourself
at risk. For example, are you sure that each spot you use is strong enough to
support your weight? Or might it be better to use your ladder for additional
support? If you need to distribute your weight, you may also think about laying
plywood planks where applicable. Make sure that the area you’re working in is
also clear of obstructions.

Know What You’re
Working With

Your individual roof’s metal is likely aluminum, as this is
one of the most common RV roof materials. But it helps to know that, as well. Whenever you purchase your RV, make sure that
you get a full run-down of the materials you’re working with. Knowing this can
help you pick the right cleaners, sealants, and products for ensuring that your
roof gets the best treatment possible. You don’t want to go through an
afternoon of work only to find that your sealant isn’t adhering properly.

Inspect Areas Where
Water Can Move Through

Your RV roof is largely there to keep water out. And while
water seeping into metal isn’t your main concern, water getting through small
cracks and crevasses should be. That’s why it’s important to inspect these
areas thoroughly. Try to work with a dry roof so you can get a sense of whether
any water has moved through. If that fails, you may even try spraying your roof
with a hose to get a sense of where any leaks might be coming from.

Match Your Sealant To
Roof Material

For example, if you’re working with aluminum, you’ll want to
use a product like Silicone
Rubber Sealant
because it can bind to metal as well as surrounding
materials like plastic and fiberglass. Don’t simply buy any sealant off the
rack without first looking at its label. You want to be sure not only that
you’re working with a high-quality sealant, but that the sealant was
specifically formulated for RV metal roof repair.

Stock Up On RV Maintenance

The key to maintaining a high-quality metal roof is to pay
attention. Pay attention to labels, pay attention to your roof, and pay
attention to any signs that there may be leaks or issues. The more you pay
attention, the better you’ll be able to address any problem that arises by
using the proper repair tools along the way. We recommend you browse more of
our RV
maintenance products
to ensure that your metal roof stays in the
best shape possible.

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