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RV Spring Maintenance Guide


“Spring cleaning” isn’t just for houses. It’s also for RVs!
RVs might not be as big as your house, but like anything else, they need a
little care and attention every spring if they’re going to look clean, smell
fresh, and continue to offer you the quality you want from your summer RV
excursions. Here’s what you’ll need to know for an effective RV spring
maintenance routine.

RV Spring Cleaning:
What You Need to Know

Once you’re sure that your RV is in top shape, it’s time to
get it ready for comfortable living. That means cleaning. Over the course of
the year, plenty of debris and clutter can build up—while you have your RV out
and ready for spring maintenance is a great time to keep that momentum going
and clean it out.

Start right now by browsing our RV Cleaners and finding the
products you most need:

  • Suds
    is ideal for a broad range of RV uses, which includes cleaning
    fiberglass without removing a fresh coat of wax. Spring is a great time to go
    for a full gallon and make sure you’re equipped with the right product throughout
    the year.
  • VinyLIFE
    is great for the interior of your RV, supporting the quality and protection of
    your vinyl upholstery.

Prepping Your RV For

Part of spring maintenance is preparing your RV for summer.
Is it ready to tackle the roads come summer, or are you uncertain about what’s
under the hood? Here are a few things you’ll need to do:

  • Check the
    . You want it to start on command, don’t you? Checking your batteries
    will give you a sense of whether your RV withstood the winter and if it’s ready
    to handle cool summer nights.
  • Flush the
    water system and fill with potable water
    . The RV’s water system is the
    lifeblood of its living quarters. Make sure that the water system is clean,
    inspected, and free of leaks.
  • Check
    your tires
    . You’ll want to make sure your tire pressure is at the right setting
    with each tire. You should inspect the tires for any potential changes that
    need to be made as well.
  • Check
    . This time, check your engine’s fluid levels, as well as fluids in
    your generator.
  • Perform a
    safety inspection
    . Are the seams and sealants on your RV in top shape? Are
    there potential leaks? What will it be like to use this RV again if you haven’t
    used it in a while? This is also the time to check your RV appliances and make
    sure that all power connections are safe.

This is quite a checklist, but if you perform it all
together, you should be able to handle much of it in the same session. It can
be a great way to make use of the warmer weather.

Stock Up On Cleaning
& Maintenance Products

When you clear out the clutter and spruce up your RV, you’ll
be ready for the entire season filled with maximum enjoyment. Just don’t forget to
keep a few RV-friendly products
on hand to stay prepared throughout the year.

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