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RV Windshield Repair Guide

A crack in the windshield is more than just a potential
threat to your pocketbook. It’s a potential threat to your safety. If you’re
going to enjoy your RV to its fullest, you’ll want to feel secure that your
windshield is in the best shape possible. Here’s a quick RV windshield repair
guide to help you get started.


Knowing When To
Replace An RV Windshield

If you want to save money, the first thing that might cross
your mind is avoiding total windshield replacement. And why not? If it’s
possible to make minor repairs to the windshield at a significantly reduced
cost, there should be no problem. The problem is in discerning when it might be
time to replace or repair an RV windshield.

The old rule of thumb is that you should replace a
windshield if the crack is longer than a dollar bill. While this may give you
some guidance, you should inspect the crack and make sure that it hasn’t
expanded since it first appeared. The more it expands, the more trouble your
windshield might be in. If you’re in doubt, take it to a professional and ask
their opinion. It’s better than doing poor repairs on a windshield that should
have been replaced.

Taking Care Of A
Minor Windshield Crack

If the crack in your windshield is minor enough to justify
home-repair, then you’re in business. You shouldn’t have to spend an inordinate
amount of money making sure that your RV is taken care of. But there’s still a
price you should think about paying: attention to detail.

Start by cleaning the affected area using a microfiber towel.
To help prevent cuts from the glass, take care not to expose your skin to the
crack. Pour your cleaning solution directly onto the towel rather than
saturating the crack itself. You might also want to think about having some RV-friendly
standing by.

Next, using a windshield repair kit, follow the instructions
as outlined on the label. To be sure there are no mistakes, read the
instructions thoroughly first rather than one step at a time. This will help
familiarize you with the process and allow you to prepare any additional
materials you might need.

Watching &
Maintaining Your Windshield

Once you’ve worked through the process, you should have a
windshield that’s once again ready for the road. But be careful to monitor your
windshield for additional cracks, especially where the repairs took place. You
might occasionally put something behind the windshield when you inspect it to
help highlight any affected areas.

If the repair kit wasn’t enough to handle the crack, it may
be time to consider replacing. But don’t forget that there’s a lot you can do
to maintain a quality windshield in the meantime. Browse our RV cleaning and
maintenance products here at RV by LIFE
to maintain great windows in
your RV.

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