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RV Winter Storage Ideas


Storing your RV in the winter is an unavoidable aspect of RVing in a cold-weather climate. But that doesn’t mean it has to be a pain. Take a look at the following RV winter storage ideas to ensure your vehicle is safely stowed away from the harsh effects of the cold. Then, when spring arrives, you’ll be ready to tackle the road all over again!

Rent RV Storage

If you don’t want your RV taking up a lot of space in your garage—and for many people, that’s not an option in the first place—you might consider renting an RV storage unit. Do a quick search online for storage units in your area. You should have no problem finding an option that’s close enough to you to make this feasible.

While it will cost more to stow your RV in a storage unit rather than keeping it on your property, they’re extremely convenient and ensure that your RV is in good shape all winter. This type of storage can offer heating, protection, and security—all of which comprise the essential elements of what you want in your winter storage. Paying for that convenience can be a great way to get through the winter while being confident that your RV is being kept safe.

Protective Coverage

If you have ample driveway space, you might consider simply applying a cover to your RV. The cover has the obvious advantage of protecting your RV from snow and ice, as long as you’ve kept good care of the cover itself. In addition, covering the RV is usually a job for more than one person, so make sure that you have enough manpower for the task if you do go this route.

Keep in mind that there are a few disadvantages to this method. For starters, if you don’t regularly clean off the snow, you’ll have to wait until the snow completely melts before you start your RV season again. In essence, you’ll be at the mercy of the temperature and not your own timeline. And, if you do work to clear off the snow throughout winter, it simply adds another tedious item to your RV maintenance list.

Handling Your RV Yourself

If the above RV winter storage ideas aren’t available to you, you may have to maintain the RV yourself. This can be a low-cost option, but it will also mean much more labor than the other two ideas on this list. Here are some tips for handling your RV during winter:

  • Add  protectant. An RV that has been waxed recently before being stored for the winter can have additional protection if you use a product like Life Wax.
  • Clean your awning fabric. Clean this fabric and allow it to dry fully before storage, as this will prevent stains and other issues from “setting in” during the long winter.

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