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Selling Everything And Living In An RV – Is It Right For You?


It’s what some people daydream about as they look out their
office window—the idea of selling everything and living in an RV. While that
kind of life can be simple and full of adventure, it’s worth exploring both the
pros and cons of such a lifestyle before you dive into the deep end of the
pool. Here’s what you’ll need to know about RVs before you make a drastic
change in your life.

The Advantages Of
Living In An RV

Let’s be honest: living in an RV can be pretty great.
There’s a reason so many retirees choose it as their lifestyle. The freedom and
mobility afforded by living in an RV makes it possible to live a life of
adventure and endless flexibility. When you’re stuck in a cubicle all day, the
call of something far more mobile can be very alluring. Forbes
has even reported on some retirees
“testing” their retirement by touring
the country in an RV.

What advantages are there if you live in an RV? Here are
just a few:

  • Mobility.
    Being able to change where you live is not a privilege most people enjoy, but
    it can have tremendous advantages. It can mean crossing endless visits off your
    personal “bucket” list.
  • Freedom.
    The freedom of an RV—and the relatively low expenses of RV living—can be
    tremendously liberating. Some people even use solar panels so they only rely on
    themselves for their source of power.
  • Adventure.
    Perhaps the most enticing prospect: with an RV, every day can be a new
    spontaneous adventure, which means that you don’t have to live through a
    day-to-day routine where every action is predictable.

The Disadvantages Of
Selling It All

While living in an RV can be great, let’s talk about the
consequences. Taking care of an RV can be relatively low-maintenance, but that
doesn’t mean it’s without maintenance,
either. We’ve put together lots of RV
cleaning and sealing products
that make the process easier and less
expensive than you might imagine—but it will still require a different way of
looking at things.

Selling it all for an RV can also mean taking on a lot of
unnecessary financial risk, for which there are no future guarantees. If you think you can swing an RV mobile
lifestyle, then it’s entirely possible that you will. But that doesn’t mean you
always will.

It might also not be the lifestyle you imagined it was.
That’s why it’s a good idea to try it out before you make the “big leap” into
the RV lifestyle. We recommend trying out an RV for extended vacations and
seeing if the novelty ever wears off. For some people, it never does—they
retire into their RV and never look back. For others, it can be a fun excursion
into a different lifestyle, but not a permanent change. Either choice can be
great—make sure you make the one that’s right for you.

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