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Storing an RV


If life
was perfect, you could ride your RV around the country all year long, exploring
our beautiful country, and never have to worry about anything else. The RV
would run well all the time, and nothing you did would ever diminish its
quality or appearance. And when you did need to store your RV, you would never
have to worry about it smelling or looking fresh when you brought it back out.

we don’t live in a perfect world, and even the best of RVs can tarnish over
time. And if you thought that storing your RV would guarantee its longevity,
then it’s important to remember that even storage isn’t perfect. That’s why
it’s important to “wake up” your RV before you bring it back out for the

Before Storage: Preparation is King

If you’re
going to leave your RV in storage for months at a time, then it helps to make
sure you aren’t leaving anything behind that can do long-term damage:

● Give your RV a thorough cleaning and
drying before leaving it in storage. Cleanliness helps reduce future odors, and
keeping the RV dry will help ensure that mildew and rot don’t develop while
your RV is stored away. Wax the exterior of your RV to ensure that it
remains protected over the next few months.

● Make sure your RV has a clean and dry
place in which to spend the off-season. You can do all of the preparation you
like, but if you leave your RV in a place with zero climate controls or
adequate protections, you’d be surprised at how this can affect the quality of
your RV.

● Make inspections to ensure that there
aren’t any lingering problems that could become worse without being addressed,
such as paint peeling.

As the
old saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. But that
doesn’t mean everything you do here will prevent every single problem from
developing in storage.

After Storage: “Waking Up” the RV

In the
best-case scenario and with a properly-stored RV, you should have almost no
problems when the RV comes without storage.

But life
isn’t always so predictable. That’s why there are a few solutions that can help
your RV to smell and look fresh again:

● RV Mildew Remover will do a lot to take any lingering
“mustiness” out of the RV. It’s also important to clean and properly dry out an
RV if you haven’t done so already. Dryness will help prevent further mildew
from developing and affecting the quality of your RV interior.

● Stainless Steel RV Cleaner is great for removing dust and debris
from stainless steel and giving it that trademark “industrial shine” for which
stainless steel is so famous.

Make sure
to inspect your RV for any issues like rusting that might have occurred or
developed without supervision. If you did all you could, you should find that
your RV is fresher than ever, capable of handling storage with ease, and ready
for the next adventure.

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