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Tips for Keeping Your RV Smelling Fresh

Without a fresh scent, riding in your RV will be an
altogether unpleasant experience. With it, you might not even notice anything
except for the great time you are having.

We’re talking, of course, about how your RV smells. When an
RV smells fresh and clean, it’s a refreshing experience—but it’s when an RV
smells damp and musty, it can be such a turnoff that you find you don’t even
want to go on that long road trip you’ve
been planning.

Though the stakes are high when it comes to the way your RV
smells, you’ll find that making sure your RV stays fresh isn’t as difficult as
you thought. That’s particularly true if you arm yourself with the following

Tip #1: Keep the
Carpets Dry

Every RV owner should have some Mildew Remover on
hand for when some mildew problems build up over time. But an ounce of
prevention is worth a pound of cure, which means you’ll want to stick to the
basic principle of keeping your RV dry on the inside. How do you accomplish
this feat? It means soaking up spills as soon as they happen, checking for
leaks on a regular basis, and paying attention to the “mustiness” of your RV
every time you climb in. And without abundant moisture to cling on to, mildew
will have trouble latching to the insides of your RV.

Tip #2: Keep Your Tanks

Regular tank maintenance is critical. You’d be amazed at the
smells that can build up over time simply because an RV owner doesn’t want to
address what’s sitting in their tanks. It’s better to clean them regularly to
not only ensure they work properly, but to keep nasty smells at bay. You’ll
find it much more difficult to
a bad odor than prevent one—and doing so not only helps the smell of your RV,
but will promote the long-term value of your tanks.

Tip #3: Avoid Trash

It’s tempting, when you live in an RV, to treat it basically
the same as a house. In a home, many people let their trash sit a while under a
kitchen counter. In the closer quarters of an RV, however, any trash that’s
left sitting can smell a little more “potent.” Try keeping a smaller trash bin
handy so you’re forced to replace the bags more often.

Tip #4: Air Out Your

If you’re keeping your RV in storage, try visiting it once
in a while just to let some fresh air flow through. This is more difficult if
your RV is parked in a cold area, of course, so use your common sense. But you’ll
likely find that an occasional venting of air will help promote fresh smells
and the dryness you need to keep mildew at bay.

It doesn’t take much to prevent a bad odor in your RV, but
it does take a lot of work to remove it. Stick with these tips and you’ll make
life much easier on yourself—and better smelling, too.

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