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Teak Care How-To Video

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Our teak care how-to video “Bringing Color Back to Teak” is now live on our sister brand, BoatLIFE’s, ! Ever wonder how to expertly care for your RV’s teak wood products? Our factory team of experts will guide you through the teak care and maintenance process to restore its original luster. Additionally, we’ll include some helpful tools and products that will extend the longevity of your teak’s color.

Step-by-step Teak Care

Step 1:            Soak the wood thoroughly with water

Step 2:            Sprinkle BoatLIFE’s Teak Brite® Powder Cleaner on the wet wood.

Step 3:            Scrub with a bristle brush or with BoatLIFE’s Life Scrub-All for heavy residue. Be sure to scrub in the direction of the grain of the wood.

Step 4:            Rinse thoroughly with water. Note: For heavy duty stains, use Teak Brightener after the Powder Cleaner to brighten the wood to an even tone.

Step 5:            Let dry in the sun at least 24 hours before applying BoatLIFE’s Teak Oil

Step 6:            Once teak is thoroughly dry, apply Teak Oil with a paint brush or foam brush, working with the grain. Apply in multiple, thin coats to avoid pooling.

Step 7:            Finally, allow the oil to completely soak in before use.

More teak care best practices

It is no secret that teak will turn grey as it weathers and ages but with a little preventative TLC, you can make it bright again! To restore the original luster to your teak wood products or furniture, be sure to use a high-quality teak wood cleaner, scrubbing it lightly in the direction of the natural wood grains to prevent scratching, and rinse thoroughly with water. Be sure to allow at least 24 hours of drying time before finishing your teak care with a topical teak oil solution that will not only protect the wood from water and sun saturation but will also restore the teak’s original luminescent color.

We hope you enjoyed our Teak Care How-To video! For more great RV maintenance and repair tips, check out our blog and be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter!


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