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The 5 Least Visited National Parks by RV in the Continental U.S.

Have you ever wanted to “get away from it all” just to find
thousands of people who had the same idea? According to the most recent data
from the National
Park Service
Yosemite had 241,656 RV visits in 2013 (which isn’t even
counting the recreational visits, tent campers, etc)! The list below includes the 5 least visited national parks by RV’s in the continental U.S.

After taking a peek at these breathtaking parks you’re going to want to pack up your
RV and head down the road in no time!

*Note: We limited the results to include only national parks
(not preserves, monuments, etc.), limited the results to RV, and stuck to the
continental U.S.

Grand Teton National Park

Grand Teton National Park Wyoming Lake, Image credit tpsdave
via Pixabay

In 2013, Grand Teton National Park only saw 56 RVs all year,
making it the least crowded national park in the U.S. (continental or
otherwise!). This park beckons you to traverse across its over two hundred miles
of trails, ascend its breathtaking mountains, and dip into the tranquil lakes
that are scattered throughout. The Grand Tetons offers two full hookup RV sites
to choose from: Colter Bay Campground and Headwaters Campground.

Number of RV visits in 2013: 56

Badlands National Park

Badlands National Park, Image credit: tpsdave
via Pixabay

Badlands National Park, in South Dakota, touts spectacular
geologic formations and expansive prairie land. You can camp at either Cedar
Pass Campground or Sage Creek Campground. While visiting the Badlands you’ll be
able to survey ancient fossils, grazing bison, and scampering prairie dogs. Sage
Creek is more remote and requires self-contained camping. Cedar Pass on the
other hand provides picnic tables, electric service for RVs, and septic

Number of RV visits in 2013: 2,071

Guadalupe Mountains National Park

l Capitan, Guadalupe Mountains National Park, Image credit:
cm195902 via

Another park making our list of least visited national parks by RV is Guadalupe Mountains National Park. It is perfect for any hiking
enthusiast. This expanse of monolithic splendor contains 80 miles of trails
available for a variety of different hiking levels. You can ascend 8,751 feet
(the highest point in Texas!) along Guadalupe Peak Trail to experience
outstanding panoramic views of the park. Self-contained RV camping is available
at Pine Springs and Dog Canyon campgrounds. Pine Springs provides potable water
and a sink for dishwashing.

Number of RV visits in 2013: 3,589

Wind Cave National Park

Black Hills from Lookout Tower, Wind Cave National Park,
Image credit: Ken
via Flickr

Ever wanted to try spelunking? Then Wind Cave is your spot. Buried
beneath the prairie grasses of South Dakota is Wind Cave, one of the world’s
longest caves. This labyrinth is arranged in a box work formation that
stretches over 140.47 miles of explored real estate (with new miles being
discovered each year). You can enjoy self-contained RV camping at Elk Mountain
Campground, which is located on the edge of the prairie.

Number of RV visits in 2013: 4,612

Great Sand Dunes National Park

Great Sand Dunes National Park, Image credit: Peter
via Wikimedia Commons

Last but not least, rounding out our list of the 5 least visited national parks by RV is Great Sand Dunes National Park. The tallest dunes in North America comprise Great Sand Dunes
National Park. Sandboarding and sand sledding are two activities that you won’t
be able to easily find at most national parks and are definitely worth trying.
There are also jutting 13,000 ft peaks waiting to be summited, a creek to
frolic in, and nearby forests to backpack through. Rarely will you see a park
with water, sand, and mountains to explore. Pinon Flats contains several sites
for self-contained RV camping. Loop 1 sites are available at a first-come
first-served basis and loop 2 allows reservations during the summer seasons
(which can be reserved up to 6 months in advance).

Number of RV visits in 2013: 7,326

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What hidden gems have you visited recently? Have you visited any of the above national parks by RV? Send us your
photos and we’ll include them in upcoming blog posts!

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