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The Complete Guide for New RV Owners

new RV

all been there. If it wasn’t at an RV dealership, maybe it was at a car
dealership—or maybe it was at the bank getting a mortgage.

sitting there on the precipice of a major life decision, and—although you’ve
thoroughly done your homework—you still feel like you’re not quite sure if
whether or not the decision you’re making is the right one. “If only I could
talk to someone who’s already done this,” you think, “or if someone only told
me what I can realistically expect to deal with.”

we can’t help you when it comes to mortgages and cars. But we can tell you what
to expect out of a new RV:

You Never Know How Often You’ll Use It
Until You Buy It

people buy an RV thinking that it’s going to change the way they live…and then,
but for a few scant vacations, they simply keep the RV parked, or in winter
storage. That’s obviously not the way to get the most out of your RV. So before
you purchase one, try to look at what you did over the past year and ask
yourself if an RV might change how you approach it:

  • If
    you went on vacation, might you replace future airfare with RV “road trips”?
  • Do
    you camp a lot?
  • Do
    you find yourself frequently on the road?

realistic expectations of your RV means not imagining that you’ll change your
future habits; instead, look to build upon a lifestyle that’s already RV-ready.

Waste is a Big Deal

a very humbling fact: never know how good we have it in the western world until
you’re responsible for disposing of your own waste products.

course, RV owners don’t really have to do much
to maintain their plumbing systems—just empty them regularly at the appropriate
places and make sure that everything is well-maintained. But disposing of waste even in the slightest can be something
of a wakeup call to someone who’s never had to handle it in the past.

Winterization is Important


might imagine that you’ll park your RV all winter and simply let it thaw out
come spring. If only it worked like that. Winterizing your RV
is very important: you don’t want gray water to freeze, you don’t want joints
to lock up, and you don’t want your RV suffering in quality simply because you
didn’t pay attention in late autumn.

you live in a warm-weather climate, this won’t be as big of a deal. But for you
cool-climate RV owners, winterization is indeed a big part of the process of
owning an RV. Is it prohibitive? No, not in the slightest, but it’s something
you’ll want to be aware of before making the big purchase.

are, in truth, a pleasure. But like any major purchase, you’ll want to know the
ins-and-outs of RVing before you spring for the big investment. If you can
handle a little waste and a little winter, you’re certainly on the right track. 

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