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Three Multi-Tasking RV Products You Need to Know

In his TV show “Good Eats,” host Alton Brown used to
disparage the idea of kitchen “unitaskers,” or devices that had only one
purpose. They take up a lot of space and, if their function isn’t important
enough, often don’t justify the storage room they absorb. Much better, Brown
argues, are multi-tasking tools.

We at RV by LIFE would argue that this same logic extends to
the world of RV cleaners and products. Your garage is sacred ground, after
all—it would be a shame to clutter it up with too many tools and cleaning
products. To that end, we’d like to present to you some of the most useful
multi-taskers in our arsenal:

RV Solvent & Cleaner Pint

Interested in investing in a general purpose solvent?
Looking to remove uncured Life-Calk? Need to clean the grease from your other
tools and equipment?

There’s an old saying, “you can’t have it all.” Hooey. With
RV Solvent & Cleaner in the same can, you can have the best of both worlds in a formula that’s safe to use on
fiberglass. The Acetone free formula is not only safe, but it’s highly
effective in removing both unwanted grease from tools and equipment as well as
its use as a general purpose solvent. If you want to do more than just clean
with one product, this is the option for you.

Suds Gallon

As Suds is also good for painted surfaces and general RV
cleaning, you’ll find it difficult to locate a better multi-tasking cleaner for
general use around the RV. Environmentally safe, non-phosphate, and much more,
Suds is what you wish your general soap would be. It more than justifies its
space in your garage.Far be it from us to claim that a general cleaner is a
multi-tasker because it generally cleans in a really exceptional way, but
there’s an important part to the Suds formula that many RV owners overlook: its
ability to clean without removing wax. If you regularly clean with a cleaner
that does remove the protective wax
that you painstakingly applied to your RV, then you’ll need a dedicated RV
cleaner that doesn’t only do its job in the cleaning department, but also
allows protection to stay put.

RV Fiberglass Rubbing Compound

What if your fiberglass cleaner did more than remove
oxidation and stains? What if it restored your fiberglass finish and prepared
the surface for waxing? It sounds like a hypothetical, but that’s what you’ll
get with RV Fiberglass Rubbing Compound, a simple, lightweight compound you can
use all over your RV fiberglass to give it the shine and protection it needs to
look new. Not only is it safe to apply to get rid of rust and stains on your
fiberglass, but its restorative capabilities will work well even when you don’t
have stains to clean off. That gives it more than one reason to keep around
your garage—and solidifies its good name as one of the best RV multitaskers

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