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Three Things to Remember Before Installing Your RV Awning


It’s mid-summer, which means the sun is out in full force.
True, it’s great to enjoy some time outdoors, especially on those blue-skied,
cool-breeze afternoons…but sometimes, the bright sun can be a bit of a
nuisance. So you’ve decided to take action into your own hands and install an
RV awning that will provide you and your family with more shade and more

We’re sure you’ve already looked into it, but suffice it
to say, installing an RV awning can be a major endeavor if you’ve never
attempted this kind of project before. That’s why we think it’s important to
prepare properly and install an awning the right way. So before you get to
work, make sure you cross these three items off of your to-do list:

Secure the right tools

You wouldn’t put together a new piece of furniture from
IKEA without having the proper tools at your disposal, would you? Consider how
much more work an RV awning might represent. You’ll minimize that work if you
have everything you need right from the start – you don’t want to stop the
process simply to dig out an old tool from a toolbox in the hard-to-reach
corner of the garage.

No awning projects are alike, so knowing which tools
you’ll need will require a bit of forethought. Try going through the process
instructions in your head and writing down every tool you can think of needing
along the way. If you’re using an online tutorial, watch the whole thing
through with a pen and a pad handy.

Examine your RV first

Your RV awning is going to be attached to the thing, after
all – it will help if you know that your RV can handle the awning you’re going
to be installing. Just make sure that your RV has plenty of space without major
obstructions. It will help to know how big the awning is exactly, so use a tape
measure to ensure that you know there’s plenty of available space where the
awning will need to go.

Ensure that you have a safe working space.

Safety first! Before you get started, you’ll want to clear
out the area. Make sure that no dogs or children can get to it. Treat it kind
of like a construction area—you may even put out a tarp underneath to ensure
that anything you drop can be easily found again.

A safe working space is about more than simply keeping
dogs and children out. You’ll want to think about issues like whether or not
your area has shade, or if the sun might get in your eyes at an inopportune
moment. Most of all, you’ll want to have all of the proper safety equipment –
including helmets, safety goggles and gloves – and have them firmly secured to
your person before you get started.

Make sure to check these three items off your
list before you start installing your awning and you’re sure to have a
smoother, safer installation. And with all of your materials handy, you might
just find that it goes a little faster, too.

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