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Tips for Preventing Mildew During Winter RV Season

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Mildew can spoil any road trip, so take some preventative measures in the off-season to ensure that it doesn’t creep up. Follow along for our tips and best RV accessories for preventing mildew during winter RV season.

Tips for Preventing Mildew During Winter RV Season

Avoid condensation

Condensation occurs when warm air meets cold air and water droplets form. Avoid adding moisture to the already cold environment inside your RV by hanging clothes to dry, boiling liquids, and taking long, hot showers. All of these activities lead to the addition of warm, moist air into the winter elements. Consider using a hygrometer to monitor the water vapor levels in your RV.

Open Vents and Crack a Window

It is important to keep air circulating at all times, even in the middle of winter, to prevent the accumulation of humidity in a cold environment. Mildew loves stagnant air, so to allow for some of the naturally occurring moisture to escape, open vents and crack a window to increase circulation and air flow. Also, whenever doing activities that add moisture to the air, run a vent fan to keep the air moving.

Use a dehumidifier

Using a dehumidifier will greatly reduce the presence of humidity. Be sure to find one that is an appropriate size to fit your needs and living space.

Make sure your seals are airtight

Double check all of your seals on windows and along door edges well before winter sets in to ensure that they are airtight. This will prevent cold air from seeping through the cracks. For a high-quality sealant that will bond to fiberglass, glass, wood, and even to itself, look no further than RVbyLIFE’s all-purpose polysulfide sealant Life-Calk. It cures to a flexible rubber seal and can even be sanded.

Use an electric heater

Raising the temperature in your RV is one way to prevent the accumulation of mildew-producing moisture. Propane heat will actually add moisture to the air, so electric heaters are recommended instead, especially in the colder winter months.

Use a Mildew Remover

Last but not least, if you do spot mildew in your RV or camper, try our Mildew Remover. A chlorine- and acid-free formula built specifically for the removal of mildew, simply spray on and you’re done. Safe for fabrics, Mildew Remover will also control odors from developing.

Keeping mildew at bay is a long-haul job but hopefully these tips will help!


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