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Top Dinner Ideas for RV Camping

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While you may be able to make great meals at home, it’s completely different to cook a fantastic dinner when RV camping. If you want to use your RV kitchen, or even an open campfire, we know some delicious, one-pan meals that serve an entire group. Take a look at our top dinner ideas for RV camping!

Know What Makes The Best RV Dinners

The best meals to cook in an RV often require two things:

  • Precooked ingredients. It’s much easier to prepare something that you can simply toss your ingredients into.
  • One pot/pan. Using only one pot or pan is much more manageable within your RV. Plus, it also means minimal cleaning.

Each of our top meal choices follow these simple guidelines!

These Are Our Top Dinner Ideas For RV Camping


We know what you’re thinking: “Soup? Really?”

However, the beauty of soup is that you can customize it with all of your favorite ingredients and flavors. Start with a base of water or savory chicken stock, then toss in veggies, a protein, and some spices. Just like that, you’re ready to let your soup simmer over the campfire while everyone gathers around to enjoy its warmth. All in all, it’s the ideal camp meal because you can create it in one pot, it’s easy to ladle out, and it’s even reheatable the next day.

Here are a few ingredients to try in your soup that are precooked or require light cooking:

  • Ham
  • Beans
  • Sausage
  • Carrots
  • Peppers
  • Rice
  • Potatoes

Campfire Hash

As you can tell by its name, campfire hash is designed to be made over a fire. Delicious, wholesome ingredients like potato and kielbasa make for a hearty dinner that’s sure to keep everyone full.

You can also use quick, pre-packaged ingredients for campfire hash, like bottled minced garlic and canned chilies. Plus, this meal makes fantastic leftovers. Scramble a few eggs and mix them in to turn last night’s dinner into breakfast!


Cornbread is another simple item you can finish in one pan. While you may only think of cornbread as a side, you can modify it to create a hearty meal. For instance, consider adding extra ingredients to a classic recipe to make it more substantial.  Try infusing it with ham or spicing it up with peppers. Or, if you’d rather just enjoy it as a side, pair it with an easy-to-make protein like hamburgers or hot dogs. As long as you invest in high-quality cookware, you’re sure to make great dinners while you’re out camping.

Keep Your RV Kitchen Spotless

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