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Top RV Food Storage Ideas


Packing up your food is one of the main tasks you need to complete before an RV trip. The availability of a kitchen is one of the key features that sells many people on buying an RV—but that kitchen is only helpful if you have the right supplies on hand. Explore these top RV food storage ideas to learn how to pack your food effectively and prevent making a mess in your rig.

Use Containers

When trying to save space, storing your food in plastic containers instead of the packaging from the store can be a smart move. The original packaging is designed to get your attention in the aisles, not save space in an RV. Things like cereal, crackers, rice, and many other items can fit nicely in compact, sealable containers.

Buy the Right Equipment

This tip is related to your kitchen equipment rather than the food itself, but it plays a big role in how much food you can pack on each trip. After all, the more space you save with your equipment, the more space you will have available for groceries.

The idea here is to buy kitchen equipment that is suitable for a tight space. So, for starters, look for pots that fit nicely inside of one another when in a cabinet. This type of nesting design saves significant space as compared to placing each pot in the cabinet separately. Also, collapsible supplies are a good option, like colanders and bowls made from plastic that can lay almost flat when not in use.

Tidy Up the Fridge

If you pack your RV fridge neatly when getting ready for a trip, you may end up disappointed by what it looks like when you arrive at your destination. Simply setting items in the fridge as you do at home isn’t going to get the job done. Instead, try using small, clear plastic bins to group your fridge items and keep them organized. These kinds of bins are cheap to purchase and can prevent your food from sliding around as you drive.

Use the Vertical Surfaces

As you pack for a long trip, you’ll soon realize that the space inside the cabinets goes quickly. That said, you need to take advantage of every little bit of space you can find, and that includes the vertical surfaces in the kitchen. This could be the walls of the RV or the inside of cabinet doors. Turn these areas into storage by hanging organizers such as magnetic spice racks or even old magazine holders. A little creativity in this area can help you find some convenient space for small items that are accessed frequently.

Some Items Can Leave the Kitchen

You don’t have to pack all of your food directly in the kitchen of the RV. In fact, some items will be easier to pack in a large plastic tote that you can stash somewhere else for the trip. A quality tote with a secure lid is a great place to store food like bread, chips, and condiments that don’t need to be refrigerated. Then, when you reach your destination, these groceries can simply be pulled into the kitchen as needed.

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We hope you consider using these top RV food storage ideas! As you prep for your trip, it’s also important to note that RV maintenance is key. Be sure to get your rig in top condition for your travels with restoration products from RV by LIFE!

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