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Top RV Refrigerator Tips


If there’s one particular item in your RV that separates the comforts of civilization from the wild, it’s your refrigerator. Having access to fresh food on any RV trip is essential, especially if you want a camping experience that includes the best of both worlds. However, anyone who has ever driven an RV knows that the refrigerator can be a little tricky. Here are our top RV refrigerator tips to keep your fridge clean, safe, and stocked with great food.

Store Food with Your RV in Mind

What does your “RV’s nature” mean? This refers to the fact that your RV isn’t a house. Many times during the trip, it won’t be level! When you’re stocking the fridge at home, you don’t have to worry about the house driving uphill or downhill. An RV is different. Here are some tips for securing the food in your fridge:

  • Keep liquids and condiment jars behind shelves with deep lids. The last items you want sliding around in your fridge are liquids and glass. If you have a jar of pickles, for example, keep it in the door shelves. This allows the lip of the shelves to “hug” the condiments and keep them secure at most angles.
  • Inspect your fridge’s door seal. There’s a critical location where the cool temperature of the refrigerator is locked in—the door seal. Inspect your gasket seal to make sure that there are no leaks or loose areas that could let air out if you hit a bump. If there are any loose spots, bond it to the refrigerator with the appropriate adhesive.

Watch the Temperature

In the stable confines of a fixed home, you usually don’t think about the actual temperature of your refrigerator. You just set the dial, and let it go to work.

In an RV, you might need to monitor this situation more closely. Consider installing a thermometer. You can buy an inexpensive, hanging refrigerator/freezer thermometer that won’t slide around while driving. Be sure to note the difference (if any) between your fridge’s settings and the thermometer to keep your fridge at the ideal temperature.

Mind Where You Park

Parked RV

Even if you ensure that nothing in your refrigerator will slosh and slide around during the drive itself, you need to keep in mind that where you park matters—a lot. You don’t want to open your refrigerator only to find your jars flying at you because the RV isn’t level.

Take note to properly level your RV when you stop, and make it part of your routine when you arrive at a campsite. If you have to, post a note on the fridge that says: “Do not open unless RV is level,” just as a reminder.

Is Your RV Running as Smoothly as Your Refrigerator?

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