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Top RV Related Twitter Accounts to Follow

Did you know there is a wealth of RV related information on
Twitter? The folks at RV by LIFE
decided to curate a list of the best Twitter accounts to follow so you can stay
abreast of the latest RV news and insider information.

RV News and Travel

@rvtravel,Followers: 16,400

RV News and Travel is one of the most popular RV related
Twitter accounts. They tweet great videos about your most pressing RV
questions, such as “Is a hair blow dryer good for defrosting an RV fridge?” and
“Should you weigh your RV before each trip?”


@RVnet, Followers: 5,734

RV.net focuses on RV hacks and tricks that will save you
time and money. Some of their popular tweets include: How to avoid wasting
energy while RV boondocking” and “Hide spare keys with a magnetic lockbox.”

Go RVing

@GORVing, Followers: 7,372

In addition to gleaning inside knowledge on various RV
related problems and solutions, Go RVing also holds contests where you can win
awesome prizes. They also have useful information on family related topics.

Good Sam

@TheGoodSamClub, Followers: 8,282

Good Sam tweets advice on how to improve your RV and camping
experiences. It is managed by The Good Sam Club, which is an owners club that
provides various RV related discounts.

RV Information

@rvinfo, Followers: 7,838

RV Information shares news on all things RV. They also tweet
tips on how to enhance your RVing experience.

Fun RVing

Followers: 4,788

Fun RVing is managed by Fun Times Guide. They provide
helpful advice on camping, road tripping, RV maintenance, and various other RV
tips. If you’ve ever wanted to know how to remove odors from your RV or what
food to pack for your next RV trip check out this account.

Mike Wendland

@roadtreking Followers: 7,009

Mike Wendland is an Emmy-winning journalist and well-seasoned RVer. He documents his travels on Twitter and his blog Road Treking. He
shares great bits of wisdom such as which national parks hold free admission
days and how to replace engine accessory components.

RVCooking Show

@rvcookingshow, Followers: 3,277

RV Cooking Show cruises across the country creating
destination-related dishes in their RV kitchen. Next time you’re gallivanting
across the country try whipping up one of their mouthwatering culinary delights!

Camping World

@campingworld, Followers: 21,200

Camping World is a highly popular Twitter account that
offers RV related tips and discounts. You can join in on the camping
conversation and tweet your favorite tips and camping photos by using the
hashtag #mycampingworld.

So there’s your list of the best RV related Twitter
accounts. Do you have an account that you love to follow that didn’t make our
list? Please let us know and we’ll check it out! 

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