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Top RV Tailgating Ideas


Tailgating has become an extremely popular weekend activity, and there are a few ways to make your experience truly great. If you want to tailgate the right way—especially using your RV to its full potential—you’ll need to know some handy tips and tricks to get you started. Discover our top RV tailgating ideas!

Pre-cook Your Grill Meats

Pre-cooking your grill meats will save you time to actually enjoy the tailgate. One of the easiest meats you can cook beforehand is bratwurst. Simply boil the brats until they reach the desired internal temperature, and store them until you’re ready to brown them on the grill. This will also give the brats an extra char—a staple to the tailgating experience.  Plus, you won’t have to constantly monitor the internal temperatures of five different types of meat on the grill. This method is simple and easy!

Go Beyond the Grill

For most people, tailgating means one thing: grilling. But since you’ll have something much closer to an at-home kitchen in your RV, you can do more than that, including:

  • Baking. Having fresh-baked goods as part of your tailgate will elevate your food beyond the usual “grilled meat” platter. It also allows you serve vegetarian delights so that everyone can enjoy!
  • Side dishes. It’s hard to prepare side dishes for a tailgate—many people make theirs beforehand and warm them up. But you can create all sorts of sides fresh in your RV. Cook gooey mac n cheese, traditional coleslaw, layered dip, and more to further elevate your tailgating food!
  • Dipping Sauces. Pan sauces and fresh-made condiments are unthinkable for most tailgate parties. But with an adequately stocked RV kitchen, you can prepare all the dips you’ll ever need.

Prep for Leftovers

Many people dread taking home leftovers after tailgating, so they encourage everyone to eat as much as possible. When you’re already stuffed, another grilled bratwurst can seem like overkill.

However, tailgating in an RV is different. Bring plenty of Tupperware, plastic wrap, and plastic bags to deposit all of your leftovers. Since you can safely and easily store these leftovers in the RV, you’ll have no problem if you cook too much food—in fact, you should plan on it. You can then make these leftovers part of your weekday lunches, which helps you save on groceries during the week.

Incorporate Entertainment

Most people prefer to watch the game on the television while tailgating. In an RV, you can attend a live event and enjoy all of your entertainment needs from the comfort of your mobile living space! Prepare in advance with an extension cord so that you can watch all of the sports coverage you want.

Keep Your RV Clean for Tailgating

Finally, don’t forget that the tailgating experience can be messy. Bring extra-strength garbage bags for the aftermath, and don’t forget to pack plenty of RV cleaning products from RV by Life! This will ensure that your RV remains in pristine condition. Shop our products today!

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