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Washing Your RV in Winter? Don’t Make These Three Mistakes


Washing your RV in winter? The phrase alone is enough to
make you cringe. Anyone who’s ever spent serious time in a cold weather state
knows just how quickly water freezes when the temperature drops—and just how
quickly you freeze if you’re out
washing your car or RV too long.

The problem? Winter is especially rough on RVs. It’s full of
slush, gunk, dust, snow, ice, dirty ice, and all sorts of things that you want to wash off, only you can’t because it’s too darn cold
outside. What’s a dedicated RV owner to do?

The real question to ask might be: what shouldn’t you do? You can start by not making these three mistakes
RV owners make in winter.

Mistake #1: Not Replacing
Wiper Blades

Sometimes, RVing in winter is simply a matter of getting through
the cold season. And if you’re going to get through the cold season in your RV,
you’re going to need wipers that actually keep your RV windshield clear and
clean. You’d be surprised at what a simple wiper replacement before winter
strikes can do to keep the front of your RV clean.

After all, if you spend your time in freezing temperatures,
you can’t very well clean your RV outside—the freezing water will be terrible
for your RV. Just short of finding some place warm where you can wash and dry
your RV indoors, you’ll want to do your best at keeping the most important
pieces of your RV clear of snow, ice, and the like. Wipers are an affordable
way to do just that.

Mistake #2: Using Hot
Water for De-icing

Repeat after us: never, never, never use hot water on cold
windshields. The temperature difference can lead to cracking and other terrible
things. What’s more, hot water eventually freezes, leaving you with a sheet of
ice even if you do somehow avoid a
disaster. It’s better to avoid using hot water for de-icing and handle it the
old school way: scraping. No, it’s not pleasant, but it will get the job
done—and you won’t have to pay for a new windshield once you’re done.

Mistake #3: Not Drying

If you’re able to get your RV indoors and warm enough to
give it a proper washing,
then you’re going to have to remember three words: dry, dry, dry. Keeping your
RV dry is paramount. Not only can water get into unseemly areas of your RV and
do hidden damage when it freezes, but it can be downright annoying to get rid
of. It’s better to dry thoroughly and be sure
that your RV is dry before moving it outside again.

Maintaining your RV in winter isn’t difficult; it only
requires that you know the right things to do. Replacing wipers is easy, not
using hot water is easy, and drying your RV is easy. Don’t make the mistake of
ignoring your RV’s health for the sake of convenience.

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