April 2015

Stay Stocked: Equipping an Essential RV Cleaning Kit

If you’re relaxing in your RV and someone spills grape
juice, what do you do? If you notice water spots on the glass, are you able to
turn to a piece of equipment within your RV, or do you have to venture off to
the hardware store for a cleaner that won’t produce any streaks?These are the kinds […]

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Avoid These Common RV Cleaning Mistakes

As much as you love your RV, you don’t always love cleaning
it. If you’re like most RV owners, you want your cleaning efforts to be
consistent, sure, but not so intensive that you over-exert yourself. Heck, who wouldn’t want to spend most of their
time enjoying their RV rather than maintaining it?The problem is when RV owners […]

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Four Tips to Prevent Mildew in Your RV – and a Tip for When It Does

Recreational vehicles are there to have fun. Heck, recreation is their first name. But
there’s nothing fun about a moist, mildew-ridden RV in desperate need of a cleaning.
In fact, it can be downright miserable in an RV where substances like mildew
start to form.Mildew might be a natural state of living for some. But that
thin, nasty, often […]

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Simple Tips for Maintaining Your RV Roof and Patching Up Leaks

Picture this: you are enjoying
another lovely evening in your RV, playing a game of cards with some friends or
family. There is music going, there’s laughter in the air, and everyone seems
to be having a great time. It’s raining outside, but you are not worried about
that because you are having so much fun inside.Then you feel […]

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